The Hunger Games- Small Fan Fictions

Hey guys, I wrote a few small fan fictions, or 'headcannons' about The Hunger Games, which is like my favourite book ever :D and Harry Potter is awesome too. :)


3. #3

~ This one is from Thresh's POV :) ~

I swung over the fence, landing heavily on my sturdy feet. The air suddenly grew cold, as if God knew I was trekking outside of District 11's bounds. I shivered and eyed the 'Trespassers will be killed' sign wearily. Oh well. I had to do this. For my family. I picked up a large, heavy stone and stood as still as a rock, scanning the trees for signs of movement. There. A squirrel sat on a branch munching on some nuts. I carefully took aim, and I threw the stone at the squirrel. Hit! I rushed over, underneath the tree and held out my arms. The dead squirrel landed in them with a thunk. I smiled. It was a good size for my family. I had to give them a special dinner for after the reaping. One last thing. I walked slowly, silently, towards the fence, eyes on the plants growing in the soft ground. A bunch of mint leaves lay on the ground about a foot from where I was walking. I snatched them up and quickly scurried home. This would be a feast.

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