The Hunger Games- Small Fan Fictions

Hey guys, I wrote a few small fan fictions, or 'headcannons' about The Hunger Games, which is like my favourite book ever :D and Harry Potter is awesome too. :)


2. #2

~ This is from the perspective of Vick Hawthorne, Gale's little brother. :) ~


When Prim's name was called at the reaping, I screamed. Little Prim, gorgeous Prim, could not go to the arena. She is, after all, the love of my life. Looking terrified, she trudged towards the stage, tucking the back of her white blouse into her skirt. I was about to call her name, to tell her that everything would be alright, that I would not let them take her, but Katniss beat me to it. Then Katniss did something that I couldn't do. She volunteered. For a moment I felt pure relief, realising that Prim wasn't going into the arena. But then I heard her screams of pain, fright and longing for Katniss as my brave brother, Gale swept her up into his arms, carrying her to her mother. I honestly don't know how he did it, what with her bawling, kicking, hitting, spitting, and screaming at the top of her lungs "KATNISS!" I didn't have time to pray for Rory, Gale and I, that we would be safe from the arena's grasp, instead, I collapsed. It was lucky Rory was there to catch me and break my fall, or I might've cracked my head open. He looked at me sceptically, then heaved me over to our mother, Hazelle. She was busy calming Prim and Mrs Everdeen down with Gale, but still had time to comfort me. I propped myself up on the grey stone of the Justice Building, next to Prim. I cuddled her, crying into her shoulder. I knew that if Katniss didn't return, Prim would break down completely, and never be the same without her older, caring sister.

I whispered into her ear "Shh Prim, it's okay, Katniss will win, I will make sure of it. Shh." Seconds later, Peeta Mellark was announced as District 12's male tribute. I quickly thanked the Lord for sparing our family, then turned back to Prim. Mrs Everdeen had recovered ever so slightly from the traumatising events, but Prim? No matter what everyone did or said, Prim's state remained the same. But then my little sister, Posy, wandered over to Prim and whispered something to her. Prim smiled, hugged Posy, then ran up the steps of the Justice Building, no doubt to visit Katniss. I looked at Posy questioningly and she gave a little knowing smile. I looked up at the double doors to the Justice Building and started to follow Prim, but Rory held me back., pulling me aside.

"You like her, don't you." he whispered accusingly. As I opened my mouth to protest, he snapped, "Don't deny it! I know how you feel about her, Vick. But when Katniss loses, she will drift away."

I scanned his face and saw nothing but anger. "Why do you have so little faith in Katniss, Rory? She's strong, she knows how to hunt, she's smart...she has a chance at winning this thing! Also, Posy has a plan, and I don't know about you, but I'm going to assist her in every way possible!" My voice had risen to a fierce shout.

Rory stepped back, bewildered, before sinking to his knees. He covered his face with his hands, and screamed, "Why does it have to be like this? Why?" Then he completely broke down, sobbing. Between his gasps, he managed to explain. "Gale...will never be...the same again. He'll…never be...his old self if…if…"

I finished his sentence for him. "If Katniss doesn't return." Rory nodded, then walked away, through the crowd, banging into everyone, as his eyes were blinded by tears. I had always known that Rory's favourite sibling was Gale. Sometimes they went hunting together, and Gale even taught him about snares. They were like best friends, inseparable. That's when I realised how big this was. If Katniss lost, then both our families, the Everdeens and the Hawthornes, would break down.

"Vick! Vick!" I turned to see Posy, beckoning at me worriedly. I followed her path exactly, taking the Justice Building steps two at a time.

A peacekeeper I had never seen before stepped forwards, in his clean white uniform, squinting at us, brandishing his gun. "And what do you two children think you are doing?" He asked looking from Posy to me expectantly.

Posy swallowed and bravely stepped forward. "We are here to visit the male tribute, Peeta Mellark."

Immediately, the strange man ushered us forwards, guiding us through winding corridors until we came to a bright red door with the word 'male' issued on it. He opened the door for us and stood to the side. "You have three minutes." he growled in his husky voice. I was confused. Weren't we supposed to be visiting Katniss, not Peeta, the baker's son who we hardly knew?

Peeta Mellark sat on the red, leather couch, looking sad and angry. Then he looked up, noticing us, and frowned. "Who are you?"

I opened my mouth to answer, but Posy was already talking. "I'm Posy Hawthorne, and this is my brother, Vick. We wanted to ask you a small...err...big...favour. Shh." she warned Peeta. "I'll do the talking, you listen carefully. Katniss Everdeen, the other tribute, is my brother's best friend and hunting partner." She looked around quickly for cameras, scared that she gave away Katniss and Gale's secret.

Peeta eyed me sceptically. "Isn't he a bit...young?"

I almost laughed out loud. "No, no! Not Vick! My other brother, Gale." Posy continued, "And if Katniss doesn't return...he will never be the same. My brother." That's when I noticed the tears streaming down Posy's face. I knew what I had to do.

I stepped forward. "Do you know Primrose Everdeen?" I asked fiercely, glaring at Peeta threateningly. He nodded, obviously intimidated by my intensity. "Well, she would kill herself if Katniss loses. She would blame herself, and just sit there. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't drink, she would starve herself. And that can't happen. You know why? I love her. I LOVE HER!" I screamed, sinking to the floor. The tears wouldn't stop. I looked pleadingly at Peeta as the peacekeeper came in to take us away. "Please. Keep her alive. Please." The last thing I saw was Peeta's bewildered face, before the door snapped shut.

We were guided back through the corridors, and kicked out the front door, onto the steps. The peacekeeper stepped back inside to the warmth of the Justice Building, smirking at us. I slumped down onto the stairs, the tears still steadily streaming down my rosy cheeks.

"I think we can trust him." Posy whispered. I gazed up at her questioningly. She sighed and sat down next to me, her head cupped in her hands. "You see, I think…well I'm not sure...but I seems like…" she took a deep breath. "Peeta loves Katniss too." I jumped to my feet, shocked. Gale was meant for Katniss. This could not be. I glanced at Posy and she smiled sadly up at me. I sprinted away, hearing her shouts, but not turning back. This was a mess. It could be the end of our families. I just had to hope we could trust Peeta. I tripped over a tree root and landed flat on my face in the dirt. I stayed like that, half hidden next to the path for what seemed like ages. There were no more tears to spill by this time. I had cried my eyes dry.

A smooth, warm hand gently touched my leg, making me jump about a foot into the air, landing heavily on my stomach. I peered around, expecting a carnivorous creature, but instead… "Prim." I whispered, her eyes meeting mine.

"Hey Vick." she answered soothingly. "What happened?" She helped me up, brushing dirt off my stained, brown t shirt. For a millisecond, our hands touched. I looked into her deep, sad blue eyes with sorrow.

"I'll explain while we walk." I muttered. We sauntered down the sandy path, heading home. I explained everything to her in a quiet voice, hoping no one else could hear me. When I got to the bit with me screaming and breaking down in the Justice Building, she stopped walking, turning to me.

She gripped my rough hands in her soft ones, staring into my eyes. Her gorgeous eyes brimmed with tears. "Did you make that up about me, or do you really love me?" she questioned softly.

My stomach flipped and I felt as though an elephant was stomping around inside my heart. I was scared for a second, that Prim could hear my heartbeat, throbbing loudly.

I took a deep breath and nodded. "Oh Prim, yes it's true, I do love you. Very much indeed."

Her grip on my hands tightened as she smiled warmly. "I love you too, Vick." Then a serious expression slid onto her face. "I...I have to go." she kissed my cheek softly, then ran away without looking back. I tenderly touched the place she had kissed me and grinned. It was like my birthday had come early.



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