The Hunger Games- Small Fan Fictions

Hey guys, I wrote a few small fan fictions, or 'headcannons' about The Hunger Games, which is like my favourite book ever :D and Harry Potter is awesome too. :)


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Black clouds loomed ominously in the distance, speeding towards me. I turned and sprinted towards the closest house, the Hawthorne's. The rain pattered gently at first, then grew into a torrential thunderstorm. I squealed as lumps of hail as big as golf balls came thudding down on me. I could feel my heart pumping, getting faster as I ran. Then it hit me. A hailstone the size of my fist. It came out of nowhere, slamming into my face. I started feeling dizzy, slipping out of consciousness. A shadowy figure rose up infront of me, whispering "Madge. Madge! Stay with me. Please." And then everything went black.


Bright, white light flooded my vision. I could see a clean white ceiling, sparkling in the sun. I sat up slowly, wincing at the sharp pain above my eye. The large window was open, red curtains billowing into the room. The sun was shining merrily outside, having wiped away the effects of the storm. There was a vase with red tulips sitting on the table, a note in an old fashioned envelope leaning against it. I stood, my feet sinking into the red carpet. I walked ever so slowly to the table and picked up the envelope.

'To: Madge Undersee. From: Gale Hawthorne' was scrawled in a messy handwriting. Excitedly, I ripped it open, discovering... Nothing. I slouched my shoulders, head hung, something my mother told me never to do.

"I see you've awoken." I spun around quickly, finding a middle-aged woman, dressed in a nurse uniform.

"Wh-wh-where am I?" I stuttered.

"I am Nurse Billow. You are in District 12's hospital. Not many citizens have heard of us, only those apothecaries, like Mrs Everdeen. She sent you here, having had not enough equipment and resources."

All I could manage was "Oh." I was about to open my mouth, but she beat me to it.

"I bet you're wondering if your parents know where you are? Well, yes they do, but unfortunately, they were too busy with work to come and visit. However, you do have two visitors, if you would like to see them?"

I sighed. My parents were always busy, and never cared about what happened to me. But other visitors? One was probably Katniss, but the other? "Send them in, please."

To my surprise, Katniss came in alone.

"Hey Madge."

"Hi Kat."

"Nasty hit to the head, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was pretty bad."

This was all we did. Small talk. I wish I had the courage to be a better, more social friend.

"Who's the other visitor?"

"Oh...Err...Well, he wants to talk to you alone."

He? This was a big surprise. I've never talked to boys before. Suddenly, I was nervous. I flattened my hair and looked at Katniss.

"Does my hair look alright?"

"Hmm? Oh yes it's fine." She seemed to be in another world. "Well, I better go. Get better, okay?"

I nodded, and Katniss walked out, with a little wave of her hand. I sunk onto my bed, frowning. My head was hurting again, and I had some strange, unknown male visitor. Before I could react, the door creaked open, and to my surprise, Gale sidled into the room.

"Hey there, beautiful." he said coolly.

"Oh...hey Gale."

"You okay? That was one nasty hit! Lucky I saw you, or you might've had a bigger shock..."

"Wait. You saved me?"

"Well, that's what I just said. Anyway, what is this place?"

"Hospital." I said, frowning. "How did you know I was here?"

"Well..." Gale looked slightly embarrassed. "When I found you, I carried you straight to Mrs Everdeen. I stayed by your side, holding your hand while she worked on you. When she said she couldn't do anything, I screamed at her. I feel really bad. And then she looked at me and sent for the hospital. They tried to take you away, but I wouldn't let them. So I came with you."

I stared hard at my feet, praying that my face didn't go red. "Why did you do all that...for me?"

Gale walked over to the window  and looked out, leaning on the sill. "Madge...I...I...I love you." he blurted out, cheeks burning.

I stared at him, stunned. Then I relaxed, realising the truth. I walked over to stand next to him.

"I...I love you too."

Our lips touched and the whole world drained away. It was just me and Gale, the way it was supposed to be.

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