Truly Madly Deeply ( Niall Horan Love Story )

Alexis and Katie are in love with One Direction. Esspecially Niall and Harry. When Katie submits a twitter question, and the boys answer it, Harry can't keep his eyes off of her.

This story is told in Alexis, Niall, and the boys' points of view. :)

Thanks for reading,
Lexie Horan x


5. Prom

Alexis POV:

I knew Liz was tired. She seemed really into the story. I looked at the clock, "Babe. It's 9:30. She needs to go to sleep. Just skip to the part where we go to prom. But...skip some parts." He raised an eyebrow, "What parts?" I sighed heavily, and gave him the look, "Fine. I'll tell her." He seemed to understand now, "Ohhh!!!!" I giggled, "Irish boys. Geez." He smiled, thinking it was a compliment.


Tonight's the night. Prom. Niall asked me to go. I was very excited. I never told anybody this... but Niall was my first boyfriend. I smiled sadly at that thought. I put on my makeup, and got on my dress. I wore a beautiful pink and black dress that comes down to my knees. I spun around. I look beautiful. I heard a knock at the door. It's only 5:30. Prom doesn't start until 6:30. Hmmm... I shrug my shoulder, and continued to get ready.

Niall POV:

I decided to pick Lex up early, because I really needed some brownie points with her dad. Ooh, brownies. That sounds so good right now. Yummmm. Anyways, I knocked on the door. Her dad opened the door. I smiled, "H..hello sir." He smiled, "Hey, Niall. I don't think she's ready yet. I'll go check tho." I stopped him, "Wait, sir?" He looked at me, confused, "Yes?" I walked in, "Well, I just thought I could get to know you a little better." He smiled, and shut the door behind me, "Well, sit!" He gestured to the couch, which I sat in. I took a deep breath, "So, well, sir, I really like Alexis. She means the world to me. I know she's young, but I am willing to teach and show her the ropes of life. I promise I will never hurt her or do anything to make her cry. I really hope that you will let me be with her for a long time, I.." He stopped me, "Woah! Woah there, Irish boy. I already let you. I think you're a nice boy." That made me smile. That was one of the best moments of my life.

Alexis POV:

I slowly made my way down the stairs, not letting them know I was listening to their conversation. I smiled, "Hey, Niall." He looked at me, "Wow." I smiled and turned around. He looked at me and stood up, "Wow." I giggled, "Dad. We will take pictures later. I really need to go now tho." My dad smiled, and shook Niall's hand, which made me smile.


Once we got to the school, Niall and I were already talking about how he would love to be married to me one day. I couldn't stop laughing, "Babe! Hand on! We aren't old enough to get married!" He sighed, "I know. But I mean in the future." I giggled, "Okay, babe. Whatever you say." He opened the door for me, and led me into the huge school. It's not where I go to school, but it was where Katie went. I am homeschooled. Katie invited us to go, which I gladly excepted her invitation. Harry was her date. I smiled at the thought of them. She seems really happy with him.

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