Truly Madly Deeply ( Niall Horan Love Story )

Alexis and Katie are in love with One Direction. Esspecially Niall and Harry. When Katie submits a twitter question, and the boys answer it, Harry can't keep his eyes off of her.

This story is told in Alexis, Niall, and the boys' points of view. :)

Thanks for reading,
Lexie Horan x


7. I Can't Be

Alexis POV:

Liz looked up at me with her big green, shimmering eyes that I love so much. We heard knocking at the window, so of course Liz and I got scared. Niall got up, and Liz was hugging me tight. Niall looked out the blinds and unlocked the window. Louis popped his head into the room, "Oh, hello loves." I rolled my eyes and Liz jumped up, "Uncle Tommo!!" She ran into his arms, once he got in the room. That's it. She's going to be up for a while. Niall sighed, "Mate, we were trying to get her to go to bed." Louis walked her back to the bed, "I'm sorry." Soon after that, all the boys were in her room. Danielle and Eleanor and Katie were here too. Perrie was asleep, so she didn't come. Katie and Harry brought their baby boy, James, (named after Niall), also. I sighed, "Okay. We are in the process of telling Liz how we met." Louis laughed, "Where's the boy?" I gave him a look, "Asleep, and I would greatly appreciate it if...," I was interupted by crying. I took a deep breath, and walked into Luke's room. I handed him to his Uncle Tommo. Niall laughed, "Keep going, babe."


About a week later, I started throwing up. Niall was really sweet and helped me out a lot. I would always feel sick, and he would be so nice. After about 5 or 6 days of nonstop throwing up, he finally convinced me to go to the Dr. I hate going to the doctors, because the last time I was there, I watched my mom die. It was really sad watching your own mom in so much pain. I looked up at him with my big, puffy eyes, "Niall?" He looked at me, holding my hand, "Yes, love?" I started crying, "I'm scared." He hugged me, "I know." The nurse came in. After about an hour of tests, she came back in, "Good news and bad news." I gulped, "Good news first." She smiled, "You're pregnant." I looked at Niall, and mouthed, "Thanks a lot, Jerk!" He laughed and kissed my cheek. She looked down, "Bad news... the baby may be a miscarriage." I felt my face getting really hot, "But.. I.. no!" I saw Niall almost crying, "Shh. It's okay, babe." He hugged me really tight. I nodded, and put on my best fake smile, "Thank you." Soon we left and went to his flat. I saw the boys, and they all seemed to comfort me.


Louis smiled, "OH! LET ME TELL IT NOW!!!!" Liz laughed, "Uncle Tommo, you siwwy!!" I laughed, "Fine. Go, Tommo."


Louis POV:

So Alexis walked into the flat, and looked sad. I saw her, and smiled, "Hey lovebirds." She waved, but didn't say anything. I sat in her lap as soon as she sat down. "Ow. Get off, Lou," she said, sadly. I sighed, "What's wrong?" Niall looked like he had been crying, "She's pregnant but may loose the baby." I got sad. No. That can't happen. I ran up to them and hugged them, "You are going to be great parents!" She smiled, "Thanks."

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