Truly Madly Deeply ( Niall Horan Love Story )

Alexis and Katie are in love with One Direction. Esspecially Niall and Harry. When Katie submits a twitter question, and the boys answer it, Harry can't keep his eyes off of her.

This story is told in Alexis, Niall, and the boys' points of view. :)

Thanks for reading,
Lexie Horan x


8. 8 Months Later

Katie POV:

I held little Elizabeth in my lap. I played with her hair, "You sure you wanna keep listening?" She nodded, and snuggled into my chest. I smiled, "Okay, my turn!"


~8 Months Later~
I was watching a movie with Harry. I heard Alexis scream, "NIALL!!!!!!!" I looked at Harry and jumped up as fast as I could. I ran upstairs and into her room, "Alexis?!?!" She looked at me, and I could see the panic in her eyes. I nodded, understanding that the baby was coming. I yelled for Harry to come upstairs. He looked at me wierdly, and understood.


"Hehehehe. Uncle Hazza is siwwy!!!," Elizabeth said, smiling at Harry. I laughed, "Yes. Yes he is, boo." Harry glared at me and took Elizabeth off my lap and put her on his, "Well, that's not how I remember!"


Harry POV:

I ran upstairs, "Yeah, babe?" She looked at me, "Oh." I grabbed Alexis' hand, and carried her downstairs. Even tho she was pregnant, she was only about 150 pounds. She was actually pretty light. I told Katie to call Niall and the boys. They were at the studio. I looked at the date on my phone. It's Valentine's Day! Aww. How sweet is that? I laughed at myself. I put her in the car. By this time, she went from breathing lightly to screaming. I really hope this goes by fast...

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