Truly Madly Deeply ( Niall Horan Love Story )

Alexis and Katie are in love with One Direction. Esspecially Niall and Harry. When Katie submits a twitter question, and the boys answer it, Harry can't keep his eyes off of her.

This story is told in Alexis, Niall, and the boys' points of view. :)

Thanks for reading,
Lexie Horan x


1. I'll Tell You

Alexis POV:

I smiled at my little girl, "Baby. It's time to go to sleep." She looked up from playing with her little brother, "But Mommyy!! I don't wanna!!" I looked at Niall, holding the small, fragile baby in his arms. He smiled, and replied with his sweet, caring, Irish accent, "Lizzy, Mum said to go to sleep. Here, how about you go get ready for bed with Mum, I'll go but Luke in his crib, and I'll go in there and tuck you in and tell you a bedtime story?" I swear that my little girl's face lit up like never before, "Okay, Daddy!!" She ran over to Luke, and kissed his forehead, "Goodnight, Lukeyy. I wuv you." I smiled. That warmed my heart. I was soon dragged into her big, pink and white room, decorated with One Direction posters and pictures of her daddy and her 4 uncles. I giggled at her room. She was only 2 and a 1/2, but she was so creative, and mature for her age. I walked into her closet, and grabbed her pajamas. She slipped on her beautiful pink gown, and ran to the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth. As she was brushing her teeth, I gently ran a brush through her beautiful, silky, shining blonde hair, and pulled it up into a ponytail, "So, Lizzy, what do you want Daddy to read to you?" She smiled, and spit out her toothpaste, looking up at me with her father's eyes, "How did you and Daddy meet?" I smiled, "Well, Daddy and I will tell you tonight when you go to sleep." She smiled and ran to her bed. I turned off the light in the bathroom, and walked to the hallway, looking for Niall. He was in the nursery, putting Luke to bed. I walked up behind him, and put my hand on his back, as he gently laid down Luke. I smiled, "Babe. Liz wants to know how we met." He looked at down into my eyes, and a grin grew onto his face, "Aww. Well, we'll tell her." I nodded, and stood on my tip-toes to kiss him. I heard Elizabeth call us from her room, "Daddy! Come on!" I laughed, "Go on. Your princess is waiting." He picked me up, bride style, "You are, and always will be, my only princess." I giggled, and clung onto his neck.  

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