The bump

Jaclyn meets the dashing Liam Payne one night. They went to a local club down the street and well.... Got drunk .....they forgot a condom. Will she tell Liam or will she keep it a secret find out in the bump


2. Sore morning

I slowly sat up wondering where I was. I rubbed my piercing head ache. Ugh why did I get drunk I thought to my self. I looked over and saw Liam naked. A smirk formed on my face. Did I sleep with Liam last night. But Liam doesn't get drunk. I know that cause I'm a BIG fan of one direction. I just shook off the thought and laid back down. Suddenly I felt two strong large arms around me. " hi beautiful" Liam said in his sexy morning voice. "Hey handsome" I said giggling at every word. " hey do you want to do something today with me and the boys today" Liam said hope fully. " sure it would be a good way for you to get to know me" I said. " do you want me to drive you to your house love. So you can get some cloths" Liam asked in a sweet tone.
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