The bump

Jaclyn meets the dashing Liam Payne one night. They went to a local club down the street and well.... Got drunk .....they forgot a condom. Will she tell Liam or will she keep it a secret find out in the bump


3. Getting to know each other

Liam's pov.

" ok where are you from" I asked we decided to play 20 questions on the way to her house. " Doncaster England." She replied. " haha louis is from there umm...ok when is your birth day" I asked already planning what to get her I hope she likes me the same way I like her. "My birthday was yesterday that's why I went to the club" she replied with a smile on her face. " do you want kids," I asked hoping she would say yes. " YES I LOVE CHILDREN" she screamed. "We'll here you are love and also here's my number and one more thing what time do you think you will be ready?" I asked "in about an hour you can come inside and just wait cause it will probably be 20 mins cause I don't where makeup" she said. " oh yah i will just wait in there then and ooh natural beauty I love it." I said with a smile on my face. She put her head down and blushed. She walked upstairs to her bedroom and got ready. I knew it today I would ask her to be mine.......30mins later......... She came out of her room in a pretty white plain v neck and a black jean jacket and a pair of Hollister black jeans she looked stunning I all ready new louis and Harry would love her. I am nervous for her to meet Harry would be all over her. We got in the car and drove to my flat. As I walked in the door louis,Harry,Niall,and Zayn were on the couch having a deep convo about carrots. Ugh boys please don't embarrass me I thought to myself.
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