The bump

Jaclyn meets the dashing Liam Payne one night. They went to a local club down the street and well.... Got drunk .....they forgot a condom. Will she tell Liam or will she keep it a secret find out in the bump


4. 3 months later....

Jaclyn pov..

I got out of Liam's and mine bed and raced to the bathroom this wasn't a surprise I was 2 months pregnant with our baby. Me and Liam are engaged I know that seems so early but were having a baby so why not get married. Suddenly I felt to strong arms pull back my hair and whisper " it's alright babe,I'm her" Liam said sweetly. I got up and walked out of the bathroom looking for a cozy shirt to where once Liam saw me he gave me his jack wills jumper to put on. " wanna have a movie day li?"I asked " yah that will be fun can I invite the boys El and Perrie" Liam said with puppy eyes. " sure I will go get popcorn ................20 mins later................ " party's here now where in hell is my Jaclyn I need to see her and my soon to be niece or nephew!" Louis screamed. I popped on the couch next to Liam. " ahhhhhhh there's a baby carrot in the rooooooom," Louis screeched. That made the hole room laugh. I gave Liam and evil smirk and pulled out the paranormal activity 3 case and opened it to revile TOY STORY. " YES" Liam shot out of seat to put the disc in..................after movie.................. Everyone finally left and me and Liam were alone. Me and Liam were still cuddled up on the couch watching Ted laughing at the funny parts. Liam bent down and kissed my forehead with his tender kiss.
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