The bump

Jaclyn meets the dashing Liam Payne one night. They went to a local club down the street and well.... Got drunk .....they forgot a condom. Will she tell Liam or will she keep it a secret find out in the bump


1. Club time

Jaclyn pov.
I was sitting in the bar chugging down my 4 whiskey when a cute boy walked over. My vision was to blurred to see a thing. He sat down next to me and ordered a vodka, he was really hot I knew I had to make him want to get in my pants. He didn't look to drunk actually not drunk at all but I will find a away. A slowly got off my chair and headed for the dance floor. I gave him the most seductive wink I could,he new what I meant he got up and followed me too the dance floor. Scream and shout was playing loudly. I started grinding on him. I turned around "hey do you wanna get out of here and by the way what's your name," I said slurring half my words. " yah sure we can go to my flat and the names Liam,Liam Payne." Liam said with a dashing smile. What I'm in front of Liam fucking Payne. I hopped in his car and we were off ...................after car ride............... He held my hand and ran towards his room we stepped in his blue huge room. Cute I thought to myself. He shut the door and locked it he brought me into a harsh full but passionate kiss. Butter flies flew threw my belly. That's right I'm 19 and I say belly don't judge. Any way he threw me on the bed and tore off my dress. I think you know what happens next.
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