Ruled Out

Ok, so this story is based on the ipod game Cause Of Death it is such a fun game and i will probably change some of the names thanks! Also, there are a few scenes and words that may be inappropiate for some audiences.


1. Prologue

Michelle's P.O.V.

I woke up and my head was throbbing, where am I? Why am I here? I then saw him, his back turned to me, he was setting out tools, a scalpel, and a bucket. I was tied up but, I managed to stand up, I made my way up to the stairs, that's when i saw where we were, i was standing on a boat. I could see an island, wait was that Mackinaw Island?

Maskmaker's P.O.V.

She was just like that... that... that stain. I walked up to the deck, "Well, hello there Michelle." I said. "Who..who are you?" She  asked terrified."Don't worry, I won't hurt you, I am just going to show the world your true face."

Mike's P.O.V.

"Dammit!" I screamed. "How the hell does this keep happening?" I was working on the maskmaker case, this guy was sick, he made masks out of plaster and put them on girl's faces. "Sick bastard." I said. All of a sudden a lady popped up taking pictures of the body. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" I yelled. "I am Stefany Locerenz of the FBI." She said. "I am helping you on the maskmaker case." Stefany said.

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