Good Luck. -Darcie.

Caleb is twenty years old and is currently living alone in his cramped apartment in New York. Darcie is nineteen years old and is currently moping alone in London, tired of being alone. All she wants is Love. Or to be loved. So three years ago, when Darcie visited the states she placed a notebook there to lead a man to find her. And Caleb being Caleb some how finds himself trapped in the lines of her notebook, listening to her every written words. So Caleb follows the directions, along the way picking up a few strays, and finally finding the meaning of life. But can he learn to Love Darcie when he meets her? or has he already fallen for someone else?

Good Luck. -Darcie Winters


2. Chapter One- Find the Journal

     Caleb didn’t mean to find the book.  But in his opinion it was just sitting there, in the middle of the library, untouched.  It was scuffed up with tiny drawings labeled on the front of the journal.   At first, he hadn’t noticed it till he tripped over it, causing more dents to form onto the composition notebook.  As he regained his balance and silently cursed to himself for being a klutz, he realized that he hadn’t indeed tripped over his two left feet but instead trip over a book.  He looked around him, silently looking for the owner but couldn’t find one.  He bent down to grab the ratted material and flipped through it, realizing that there was writing scrawled upon the pages.  Any normal person would return the book to the librarian, or simply put the old thing on a random shelf and go on about their day. But Caleb wasn’t normal, and if he knew that that book would cause him pain, tears, and happiness in the future he would have done the normal outcome.  But no, Caleb had to be non-normal.


       Caleb opened the book, and on the first page was a picture of a girl, who looked around seventeen, three years younger than Caleb himself.  He took the picture and examined it intently and slowly realized that this girl was beautiful, with her Red curly hair and jade green eyes.  Caleb flipped the picture over and in the same handwriting scrawled in the notebook was written, ‘Good Luck.  10/07/10’.  He did the math in his head quickly and found that the girl was roughly nineteen, as Caleb was twenty.   


       After examining the picture and message on the photograph he quickly stuffed it in his pocket, while making sure no one was looking.  He then flipped the page over and saw more words printed on the page in the now familiar handwriting. 


       Caleb read the page over and over again trying to come to terms on what mystery girl (Which is what he was beginning to call her in his head before he found out mystery girl had a name, a pretty name) was saying.  After a mere twenty minutes of just starring, Caleb had come to terms with a few things.


Mystery girl had a name and it was Darcie Winters. Darcie wanted Caleb to go on an adventure. Darcie wanted Caleb to find love. Darcie wanted Caleb to find her.


     So as Caleb stood in the middle of the local public library he had come to, to start his essay for his English class, he suddenly wished he was a lot more normal.  Why couldn’t he just have left the book on the floor, untouched and let it stay there for the rest of its existence? 


     Running shaky fingers through his unruly curly hair, he shoved the book on a random shelf, grabbed his messenger bag and flung it on his shoulder before jogging out of the library, leaving behind the notebook and an adventure.



       Caleb walked into the Library at exactly 10:07 AM the next day, Caleb excited the library at 10:09; Empty handed.


       Caleb returned to the Library at 10:11, but he did not enter but instead starred at the front revolving doors as if they we’re monsters ready to eat him and his dreams.


       Caleb took one step forward toward the library, hand tightening on his messenger bag wrapped around his shoulder.  Taking a shaky breath, Caleb walked into the library, head first.   Caleb walked right past the librarian who he always chatted with when he entered the library, Caleb powered walk to the section of where he put the book last.  Remembering he placed it the on a random shelf he tried racking his brain for any information, any sign on where he exactly put the book.  ‘Think Caleb think!’ shouted Caleb’s inner self. ‘Where did I put that stupid book?’


         After an hour of looking, pacing, and tugging menacingly at his beautiful brown chocolate curls Caleb sighed and dropped his tired body into the uncomfortable looking chair.  Growing more tired as the day went on, Caleb rubbed his forehead tiredly before glancing at his watch noticing it was already almost noon, and he was starving (as if hearing his belly rumble was anything to go by). 


         So Caleb sighed one, two, three more time before grabbing his messenger bag and tugging it on his shoulder as he began to stand up.  But before Caleb could stand, a boy with blonde hair and green eyes stood right in front of him with a notebook in hand.  Not thinking anything of it, Caleb raised an eyebrow at the boy before saying, “Hello.” The boy smiled before saying, “Hey. I was wondering if this was yours, because I found these two bookshelves over and you looked as if you had lost something.” Caleb glanced at the material in the boy’s hand before noticing this was it. 


       Shouting in Victory, Caleb stood up and grabbed the material from the boy before grabbing the young man into a hug.  “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” chanted Caleb before letting the boy go. Too caught up in his own moment Caleb quickly kissed the boy on his cheeks before stuffing the material in his bag, he couldn’t afford to lose this book again.


        The boy, who Caleb hadn’t learned the name of, stood there awkwardly before saying “It’s quite all right, Just another guy helping another guy out.” Caleb smiled before saying, “No really, Thank you. It means a lot to me, I thought I had lost it.. Thank you!”


        “No problem.” replied the boy, before running a pale hand through his blonde hair.  “I better get going; I have a history exam to study for.”


        Caleb nodded before turning away from the boy and began walking out of the library.


The boy with the blonde hair watched the curly haired lad before finally deciding against the rules of manners and screamed throughout the whole library to that one kid. “Hey you, what’s so great about that book anyway? Why is it so important?”


       Turning around ever so quickly, Caleb’s brown eyes found green before screaming, “I need to find her mate!  It’s all about her!!”


       And with that one sentence, Caleb turned around and made his way out of the library.


 Not without saying a cheery ‘Hello’ to the Librarian on his way out.


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