Good Luck. -Darcie.

Caleb is twenty years old and is currently living alone in his cramped apartment in New York. Darcie is nineteen years old and is currently moping alone in London, tired of being alone. All she wants is Love. Or to be loved. So three years ago, when Darcie visited the states she placed a notebook there to lead a man to find her. And Caleb being Caleb some how finds himself trapped in the lines of her notebook, listening to her every written words. So Caleb follows the directions, along the way picking up a few strays, and finally finding the meaning of life. But can he learn to Love Darcie when he meets her? or has he already fallen for someone else?

Good Luck. -Darcie Winters


1. Prologue

‘If you are reading this then you have two options to pick from. You could 1. Put the book back on the shelf and go on with your day and continue to question to yourself, What if. Or my favorite option, Number 2. Follow every direction I give you and go on the adventure of your life time. Now I don’t expect you to answer me right now, I mean with all the pressure I am giving you, take your time thinking over your options….


But we’re on a tight schedule so, tick tock Darling. Now If you picked Option 1. And stopped reading after the first line, well I have two words to that person even though they probably will never see this again, Screw You!


Now if you picked Option 2. Then kudos for being one of the very few brave souls in this world we live in today.


Now listen closely, Have you ever felt as if that you would never find love? As if your future was meant to be alone, and nobody would ever love you? Have you ever feared of being loved? Feared of never being good enough for that one person? Feared that that person never loved you in the first place?


I have.


My Name is Darcie Winters and if you’re reading this then you have two options. 1. Put the book down and forget this ever happened. Or 2. Find the love you have been seeking for, Find me. Good Luck.’


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