Kathrine Peters(Kat): 17 years old. Her mother died when she was eight. She has an abusive, drunkard father. She barely has enough connection to the outside world to know who One Direction is. So what happens when she runs away and runs into One Direction. The best part: she is related to Liam Payne. The worst part? She has two of the boys falling for here and she likes both. Not to mention a father who is gonna find her. What happens now?


5. Sleepy Love

I walk out with Niall, hand in hand, and am stopped by Harry's long torso in my face. "Uh... Harry," I look up to his sculpted chin. Niall let go of my hand. I frowned in the inside. Harry smiles and hold my sholder opposite of him. He guides me through the house to the stairs. We begin to go up when I wince in pain. I think when Louis picked me up, he hurt my leg. "Are you okay?" Harry asks with concern."Not really, Louis hurt my leg picking me up and all but, I will live. I mean, I've lived through my dad's abuse so I will be fine." I say chuckling. Harry is even more worried by then. "I can't let you take pain anymore." Harry says. He picks me up like a baby and starts walking upstairs. Once we reach the top, he puts me down and hold my hand. He walk's through a hall with labled doors. I name them in my head."Louis' room, Zayn's room, Liam's room, Nialler's room, Harry's room." Harry stops at a pale white door with big, purple letters on it saying, 'Kat's room'  "Go on then. Open it." Harry says like it's a present , which it is. I slowly open the door and walk inside my new room. "Oh my Jesus Harry! This is a dream come true!" I say jumping up and down. I have a King size bed, walk-in closet, flat screen tv, you name it I have it! Harry gives me a tour of my new room and leads me, slowly, down the stairs to get a bandage for my leg and some supper.                                                     _____________________________________________________________________________

"Oh! I've never had food that good in ages!" I say rubbing my stomach. "You had more servings than Niall! Is that even possible?" Zayn said in awe."Hey, girls got to eat right?" I say and the boys chuckle. I yawn and Niall asks," You tired?" I giggle and answer with a shrug. "A bit, yeah." The boys pick me up like Cleo Patria(?????) and carry me to the living room. The boys put on a movie, I remember watching some with my mum before she died. Louis picked Toy Story 2 for Liam. Half way through the movie, I fell asleep.


Niall's P.O.V.

I turn to see a fast asleep Kat. I watch her straight face turn into a smile. She's so cute. I tell the boys I'm going to put her to bed but, of course, they don't listen. I pick her up bridal style and carry her up the stairs. For a 17 year old she is as small as a 10 year old.I carry her up the stairs with ease. She is breathing softly on my chest, still smiling. I reach her door and pause. I look down at her and smile. This beautiful girl will be my princess. I then think of Harry. I will not let him get in my way of making her mine! I open the door and place her on the bed. As I untangle her from me, she grabs on tighter. I deside to just squish my head out from under her arm. Once I get out of her death grip, I kiss her forehead. I walk to the door and whisper behind myself,"Good-night, Sleepy Love."

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