Kathrine Peters(Kat): 17 years old. Her mother died when she was eight. She has an abusive, drunkard father. She barely has enough connection to the outside world to know who One Direction is. So what happens when she runs away and runs into One Direction. The best part: she is related to Liam Payne. The worst part? She has two of the boys falling for here and she likes both. Not to mention a father who is gonna find her. What happens now?


1. No Love (short)

I was running, the rain soaking into my clothes and hair, I ran in all directions just to throw him off guard. I think I was just trying to keep myself moving since it was very cold in the rain. Farther and farther I grew from my house which held my un-sober father asleep on the couch. He has been abusive ever since my mother left for heaven. I never had anyone, I never went to school, never even visited outside or anything. I just listened. I listened to the laughter of a drunkard, the shouts of cursing,and the whispers behind a back of a man. Shouts and whispers even told me I was useless. The footsteps of the feet that would kick me till I was a bloody mess. Belonging to a man, that showed No Love.

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