Kathrine Peters(Kat): 17 years old. Her mother died when she was eight. She has an abusive, drunkard father. She barely has enough connection to the outside world to know who One Direction is. So what happens when she runs away and runs into One Direction. The best part: she is related to Liam Payne. The worst part? She has two of the boys falling for here and she likes both. Not to mention a father who is gonna find her. What happens now?


4. More To Love

I was shook awake by Liam softly mumbling to wake up. I stretched and yawned quietly. I pulled my head off of Niall's shoulder. He wakes up a few seconds after me.Liam grabs my hand and pulls me out the door on his left. I look up to a huge mansion as I climb out. My jaw drops and from the corner of my eye i see Niall and Harry smile at my amazed expression. "You think you could have told me you live in a GIANT MANSION!" I say to Niall, yelling playfully. "You never asked so I didn't tell."Harry comes to me and pulls me to the door unlocking it with a key. I turn my head and see Niall with a angered expression. His knuckles are white in  clenched fists. Why would he be angry at Harry."Welcome home, Kat."Harry says opening the door. My jaw drops again as I walk in. The boys laughter echos through the grand hall. Niall grabs my wrist softly and leads me to a door. "It's my favorite room in the whole house. I hope it will be yours too." Niall says letting me open the door. I walk into a full stocked, high-tech, huge kitchen. "I'm in heaven. And you all are angels." I say turning to the boys. They let out a airy laugh. "Thanks guys." I say going in for a group hug. But... Louis took it too seriously. "No!! She's mine! Only Louis,the Tommo, Tomlinson can hug Kathrine, Kat, Peters!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" He yells slinging me over his shoulder and running out of the kitchen into the hallway(s). I scream as the boys chase after Louis. "Help!!! Niall!" I yell sincerely terrified. Niall sprints out of my eye view. I hear Louis squeak a high pitched,"Ouchy." Louis drops me and slides to the floor. Niall caught me mid fall. He sets me up right and I run over to Louis. "What did you do to him?" I ask Niall while kneeling next to Louis. "AllIdidwaspuchhiminthegut BUT I saved you didn't I?"Niall said with a sorry voice. Louis groans as he gets up,"You know what? I would much rather share you if this is going to happen every the time." By then the rest of the boys have come into the room. I look around and realize we are in a T.V. room. I get up and open my arms for a embrace. Louis hesitates but finally comes in the group hug. Once the other boys let go and went to go get Louis an ice pack or to get my bed ready, I pull Niall into another hug."Thank you." I say into his ear. Before I walk out,I peck his cheek. He blushes and shrugs like it was no big deal. Now, I have a home, people who love me, and I'm away from my dad. I mean, whats More To Love?

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