Kathrine Peters(Kat): 17 years old. Her mother died when she was eight. She has an abusive, drunkard father. She barely has enough connection to the outside world to know who One Direction is. So what happens when she runs away and runs into One Direction. The best part: she is related to Liam Payne. The worst part? She has two of the boys falling for here and she likes both. Not to mention a father who is gonna find her. What happens now?


2. Found Love

As I turned down a dirt road, I saw lights flashing through a roof and music blaring. I had no idea what it was only it held plenty of people to hide among. I quickly sprinted to the door only to be stopped by a giant man in black. "Sorry little lady, only stars can enter the party." so that's what it is "If only the stars can go in then why are there people and the stars are in the sky?" he gave me a confused and angered face. he finally spoke,"At least wait at the line of PEOPLE over there." he pointed to people lined up in gowns and tuxes. I went behind what seemed like millions of people. I could barely see the man letting a blonde lady inside. I listened, as I only knew how to do that. I heard people talking about the 'stars' and how their going to make this 'One Direction' band I guess to fall in love with them. Then there was a man talking what looks like a black box and complaining about not getting in without waiting. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and ,thinking it was my dad, grabbed the persons wrist and flipping them on their back against the concrete sidewalk. Noticing it wasn't my dad I immediately get on my knees to help the groaning person. Getting a closer look at the person, since it was dark out, it was a boy. Yeah it was a boy, he had blonde hair and gorgeous ocean blue-green eyes and he seemed to be quite my height, maybe taller since I'm only 4'10. I put my hand out and helped him up. "I'm terribly sorry, sir. I thought you were my father." "Why would you be so startled about your father?" "Well sir-" he cut me off "Stop calling me sir. I'm 19 not 39." he laughed while rubbing his head. "Sorry si- umm.. what should i call you?" "Niall." He replied while fiddling with his hair. I thought I saw red on his cheeks, blushing I believe it's called. "Okay, um Niall. It's just my father is abusive." "Oh my, I'm sorry." he said hugging me. "Please don't let go." I said while he almost let go. "Why?" "I've never been hugged since my mother pass when I was 8." "I won't." he whispered in my ear. I think i just Found Love.

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