Kathrine Peters(Kat): 17 years old. Her mother died when she was eight. She has an abusive, drunkard father. She barely has enough connection to the outside world to know who One Direction is. So what happens when she runs away and runs into One Direction. The best part: she is related to Liam Payne. The worst part? She has two of the boys falling for here and she likes both. Not to mention a father who is gonna find her. What happens now?


3. Cozy Love

"Thank you." I said pulling apart from a warm hug. "No problem.Hey, this party is pretty you want to come to my flat? I can get Eleanor to bring some clothes for you. If you want." "I would love that!" I said quickly. Going to his flat would give me a place to stay from my dad. He put his jacket on me since I was shivering. He put his arm around me, at first I tensed up but then got comfortable. A big black van pulled up and I flinched remembering a horrible memory.*FLASHBACK*  I ran away!! I was about 12 years old. I had jumped from my two story window and ran on the sidewalk. I heard a humming sound and turned to see my father in a big black van driving to catch up to me. I ran out of breath and collapsed, that's when things took a turn for the worst, my dad stopped the car and picked up my fallen body. I remember waking up tied with ropes to a pole and having pain everywhere in my body. I tried to move my legs and... CRACK! the left one broke. I screamed with pain as my father came into the room. "I TOLD YOU THE OUTSIDE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE AND TO STAY INSIDE!!!" He yelled at me and slapped his hand across my face. That sent heat rising to my cheek and urged me to blurt out, "YOUR THE ONLY DANGEROUS THING IN MY LIFE!! I WISH MOM WAS HERE INSTEAD OF YOU!! I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!! YOUR EVIL!!I WISH YOU DIE LONG AND PAINFUL!!" I spat at him. This triggered his hatred. He balled up his hand to form a fist. He lifted his arm with white knuckles. Then, he punched me. Right in the nose. Before I blacked out, I felt my evil guardian untying the ropes and lifting me up. Then, blackness. *FLASHFORWARD* I shake the thought and I felt Niall put his arm on my shoulder. I guess he saw my scared face. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, which sent shivers down my spine, "Are you okay, love?" I shake my head slightly and plastered on a fake smile turning to him, "I'm fine." He walks past me and opens the door revealing more boys. How many boys are there? Well counting Niall, I think five? Niall grabs my hand and pulls me in between him and a boy who looks a lot like me for some reason. The boy quickly looks at me after talking to a boy with curly hair. The curly haired boy looked at me with a smile. I noticed he had only one dimple. That's cute, I thought. Niall closed the door while I moved over for him to sit by me. The boy opposite of me stuck out his hand. "Hello love, I'm Liam." I turned to look at him and my eyes meet his chocolate brown eyes. Now that I look at him, he looks like me. A lot actually. "Hi, I'm Kat." I said shaking his large hand. "How much longer?" I ask looking at the windows back and forth. The curly haired boy stuck his head between me and Liam and whispered, "Not much longer. By the way, I'm Harry." I turned to him and his soft green eyes were penetrating though my brown ones. "Oh, cool. Thanks." I say not looking away from his eyes. "Your eyes..." he said drifting off a bit, "Their... beautiful. The brown and green on the rim is just..." He coughed and backed away. Niall cleared his throat and said, while he placed my head on his shoulder, "Actually.. we are gonna take a detour so, get Cozy Love."

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