Is This Real?

A story of a teenage girl whose dream is to travel around the world,when finally her dream comes true and her first stop is London.She runs into someone she would have never expected to.She travels with him later finding out his dirty secrets, she never thinks she can love him or even look at him again,But she learns to anyway.


2. The Date

        HUHHHH i gasp as i wake up, I almost think that Harry and Iwere a dream. I sit up and check the time, I have three hours until I meet up with Harry at the park. I jump out of bed and try to get dressed, but I cant decide what i want to wear. I throw on a pair of yoga pants, a tee shirt and throw my hair up in a bun. Its 11:45 now ,time for me to go meet up with Harry.I grab my money and key and head out of the condo, I call a taxi up and get in . I tell the driver where I want to go and he takes me to the park. When I get out of the taxi I see Harry looking in a mirror fixing his hair, I walk up to him and Tell him that his hair looks great .(when it really looked funny) he gives me a hug and we start walking thorugh the park when he whispers

"i really like you and  i want you to come over so i can show you off to the boys" 

*blushing* " I would love to meet them!'' i say

Harry takes me buy the hand and we run to the street call a taxi and get in. We are only in the car for a five minuets and then we arrive at this huge mansion. We get out of the taxi and i don't know what to say ,his house is so big! Harry grabs my hand and tries to tug me into his house but i stop and say 

''Wait ,what if they dont like me?Maybe they should wait'' 

"Dont worry they will love you!" Harry said in a convincing voice

We walk into his house and i see all the boys set around a table but there's one girl, i don't know who she is but shes so pretty! Harry introduces me to all of them and they all give me this weird look like they ether disapprove or that they really like me(im not sure they are giving me mixed signals), Harry sees there faces and asks them to go talk to him in a different room. He asks me to stay and talk to this girl , I say yes and they go into a different room and we just sit there awkwardly. Finally i break the ice and i introduce myself.

"Hi,Im Nicole" i say

"Hey, Im Lauryn" she says

"Niall, we have been together for almost 2 years now, lots of things get to happen in two years;P' she says jokingly but I think that she was serious.

"Thats so adorable, You and him are so great together! Allmost perfect!" i said

*The boys come back into the room rudely interrupting*

"Sorry for talking so long" said Harry

"Its OK i got to have a nice conversation with Lauryn." i said

" Yes i think were going to be good friends, but Niall i think its about time we head over to my house." Lauryn said

"Ok bye guys it was nice to meet you guys and it was nice to meet you too lauryn" i said

"By Nicole nice to meet you, we should all have a party soon!" said Niall

"Ok that sounds like a plan! Well Nicole let me show you around the house" said Harry 

"Ok ,Lets go" i said

We start walking around his house looking in every room. We get to Harry's room and he shows me all his pictures and other things. Lou comes in and throws a bunch of condoms at us and runs out. we both decide Thats its not the right time but that we should trick lou into thinking that we actually did! Harry and I jumped on the bed and acted crazy! we messed up out hair and walked out of Harrys room and thanked lou for the comdoms! His face was priceless, we left the condoms on the floor with a note explaining that we tricked him. I cant wait to see his face when he finds out!


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