Is This Real?

A story of a teenage girl whose dream is to travel around the world,when finally her dream comes true and her first stop is London.She runs into someone she would have never expected to.She travels with him later finding out his dirty secrets, she never thinks she can love him or even look at him again,But she learns to anyway.


1. Dreams Coming True.

          "DING,DING,DING,DING" I  wake up out of a dead sleep to hear my annoying alarm going off. But it's OK. Today's the day! Today's the day I get on a plane and fly to London for the start of my traveling and photographing the world. I jump out of bed and turn on my One Direction music CD to block out the world until I leave. I get all my bags set out on my bed, get clothes and jump into the shower. My annoying brother used up all the hot water so I had a cold shower. Ugh! I can't wait to get out of this house! I get out of the shower and blow dry my curly hair, put on my skinny jeans and my colorful top.I curl my hair to look presentable for when I leave. It's almost time to go but my mom makes me eat before i go. I can't wait for the freedom when I'm on my own. After I eat, my mom and I get into the car and get on our way to the airport.

         We finally arrive at the airport and I look at my mom realizing that this would be the last time we will be face to face in a while. I savor the moments we have together while she checks me in and we go though security. She waits with me until my plane is ready to board.The plane is finally here, we say our goodbyes and she leaves. She seemed upset but I'm ready to go. My mom was the only goodbye. I didn't have any true friends that I needed to say goodbye to, so her goodbye was special.I board the plane and wave goodbye. I put in my headphones and get out my camera to take pictures of the place that used to be my home. As we get up into the air I take pictures of clouds and people I meet on the plane, but I knew this would be a long ride so I put away my camera and turned on "Little Things" and fell asleep.

          I open my eyes to see the plane slowly descending to the ground. I look around the area we're landing and all I can think is "I'M HERE,I'M REALLY HERE IN LONDON". The plane lands and I get off the plane, grab my luggage and exit the airport. I get a taxi and try to figure out where my condo is. This place is so big I can barley figure out where I am! I give up on trying to find my way around. I stay in the taxi and have the driver drop me off in a popular place so I can just walk around and take pictures of everything and anything.While I'm walking around, I come across a restaurant that looks delish!

      I walk in to see Harry Styles standing in the waiting area waiting for a table. I'm trying not to fan-girl over him so I decide not to talk to him because I will probably mess things up! He looks at me and he walks over. My heart is beating so fast I can hardly control myself. He comes and sits by me and say's "hello love, I haven't seen you around here. Are you new?" I can hardly speak but I manage to say "hey, my name's Nicole". "Oh golly, you're American accent is adorable", says Harry. "Yes I'm from Michigan but I have left my home to travel the world."  I said. Harry proceeds to say, "I'm so interested about your story, will you dine with me and tell me more". I say yes and we get out table and talk until we are both finished. I grab my bags and he offers to walk me home. I don't know what to say because I really don't know where home is right now. I tell him where my condo is and he finds it and takes me home.  

     When we arrive at the condo, he carries my bags up the stairs and into my condo. He helps me un- pack my bags. We put all my clothes in the closet and drawers and put away the bags. We sit and talk for a while more and then he decides that it's about time for him to go home. He tells me to meet him at the park in the middle of town at noon tomorrow. He kisses my hand and wishes me sweet dreams! When he leaves, I jump in bed and think of how that happened. I cant believe that it actually happened. I cant wait until tomorrow so I get into my sleeping clothes and fall asleep.


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