My name, Elena. My life terrible. My mother dead. My father an abusive alchoholic. I only had one friend thee Harry Styles. Until he left for X-factor. What happens when he comes back will he be Remembered or Forgotten?


3. Bonnies Past

"Okay so he said he'll be here in about 5 hurry" I ran down the stairs almost falling.

"Okay, On my way" Bonnie was stuffing phone in her purse. She had her hair curled and a nice tie blouse with Waist high black pant-tights with Blue heels.

"You look faboo" I was wearing a flower blouse with pink Toms and bleached skinny jeans.

I jumped from a honk outside. I looked outside to see the most beautifullist car ever. With the most beautifullist guy in it with the hair and the eyes and the...

"Come on" Bonnie threw me from my thoughts and I rushed outside behind her.

I grinned at him. We got in the backseat. It was warm and cozy in the car.

"So no funny nicknames either of you" Harry said knowing of his nickname.

"Ok Curly" I mocked him.

We arrived to a hotel where millions of girls awaited outside.

"Well be going through back" He turned down another road and into the brick alley. We stopped when we uhm Stopped.

"Ok follow me" We all left the car and followed him to the back door he pulled out a card and swiped it making the red light, green on a gray electric box thing. We walked inside and it was amazing. Gold sculptures and Beautiful paintings.

"Over here" He was at the bottom of a staircase. We walked over to him and went up two flights of stairs. He pulled out the room key. He pushed open the door to the messiest room ever.

"Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis" He called four names, Uhmm who does he live with. Out came Three hot guys.

"Wow" There mouths dropped. I smiled.

"Close you mouth boys, Youll catch flies" Harry said pushing us inside.

"Zayn" Harry yelled. Another Hottie came out of I assumed was a bathroom.

"Zayn" Bonnie crossed her arms.

"Really out of all girls you bring her" Zayn walked over to the couch.

"Whats with you and Zayn" The boys and I asked.

"Ex" They synced.

"Oh well you guys can work it out right" I asked with a smile.

"No" They yelled.

"Ok well then can we eat" The blondey asked.

"Yeah Niall what" The One holding a Pigeon Said.

"Nandos" He screamed and ran outside.

"Ill get him " Zayn stood up and ran out the door.

Bonnie was on the couch and harry  was looking at me as the other boys walked and stopped on the couch.

"Bonnie can I steal Elena from you" Harry ask as I sat on the couch waiting for Bonnies response.

"Sure but don't be long Zayn will come back and i'll need you here"Bonnie Smiled as we walked out.

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