My name, Elena. My life terrible. My mother dead. My father an abusive alchoholic. I only had one friend thee Harry Styles. Until he left for X-factor. What happens when he comes back will he be Remembered or Forgotten?


2. 2 years Later is when everything Returns

"Okay so I talked to him" I grinned. I got a job at the bakery down the street and worked with Mason a hottie matotie.

"And... Give me all the deets" Bonnie grinned. We walked into her two story house with a living room in front right when you walk in. The dining room was next and in the kitchen was the stair case to upstairs where, My and Bonnies room is. I brought in two bags of groceries and started unpacking them. I dropped the ketchup, startled by the door knocking.

"Bonnie can you get that" I yelled. No reply, great. I walked to the front door and opened it.

"Hello" I smiled as he came at me for a hug. I held out my hand and stopped him.

"Who are you" I raised one eyebrow.

"Im your bestfriend, Harry Styles" I acted surprised.

"Harry really" My big huge smile turned to a frown "I don't remember". I shut the door, and walked to the kitchen.

"Really not at all" He came into my friends house without permission.

"Uh get out" I pointed to the door.

"Just please talk to me" His eyes were Green outlined blue and his hair. Yeah I don't remember him.

"Fine" I walked to the living room bieng stopped by bonnie.

"Go sit down" She pushed me away.

Bonnies p.o.v.

I walked downstairs to see Elena talking to this stranger- no it was him. Harry Styles. I went to Elena and told her to sit on the couch.

"Leave now we don't need you reminding elena about her past and don't give me any shit because I know you coming back is just going to hurt her" I shut him up. He walked outside and Elena turned towards me.

"I remember him" I couldn't let her.

"How much" She didn't reply. I walked upstairs. I couldn't let her be hurt Hopefully she didnt remember much.

Elenas p.o.v.

I didn't remember much all that I remember his face But I want to remember more of him. I walked outside and walked down the staircase. I walked to the cafe where me and Bonnie met and I saw him. I ran inside and sat down across from him.

" Don't tell me anything curly" He laughed at my nickname I gave him.

"Curly, You always called me Hazza" I was confused to his remark.

"Really I don't remember" He frowned making those adorable dimples going away.

"Really, Please let me-" I cut him off.

"No don't tell me anything" He stood up.

"Then lets go do something fun" He held my hand and pulled me up.

"How bout Ice cream, Mint chip" He knew it.

"How did you know" I playfully slapped his arm.

"I was your bestfriend" We walked to the ice cream shop and talked thier. I found out he was part of a boyband, One Direction and that I watched him at one of his White Eskimo skits. I smiled at him the whole time and I told him about bonnie and about mason too. But, Harry something about him. I was falling for him but secretly. We started walking through the park.

" So how long are you staying" I asked sitting on a bench.

" About two weeks" He came up and wrapped his arm around me. I rested my head on his chest.

"We haven't been like this in a while" I smiled

"You remember" He smiled too.

"Nope I just know how since you acted today we've probely been like this before" I stared into his eyes until I saw them coming closer.  I knew exactly what was happening and I liked it. Are lips we're about to touch until, Bonnie. I answered the phone.

"Where were you all day, If you were with him Im going to hurt you little missy no im sorry just get home" She hanged up.

"I gotta go" I stood up quickly.

"Let me walk you home" He asked.

"Sure... Curly" I smiled.

"So tommarow, would you and bonnie like to meet my mates" He grinned.

"Sure" We walked the rest of the way talking about his mates.

"Okay, pick you guys up at noon okay" He smiled.

"Okay" I walked inside to bonnie on the couch.

"Finally your'e home" She stood up.

"I have plans for tomarrow" I grinned

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