My name, Elena. My life terrible. My mother dead. My father an abusive alchoholic. I only had one friend thee Harry Styles. Until he left for X-factor. What happens when he comes back will he be Remembered or Forgotten?


1. Everyday Troubles

My mother died 3 years ago. Today I face many challanges. One. School.

I ran downstairs to see my father passed out on the couch. I rolled my eyes and walked outside it was nice and cozy. Like every spring in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. I looked around to see my friend, Harry.

" Today, hopefully better than yesterday if it isn't we have tomarrow" I said walking up to him. He embraced me into a big hug. I looked up at him ,his eyes had a little twinkle in them which meant...

"Harry are you up to something" I asked.

"Maybe" He said with a grin.

"I saw that grin young boy now tell me" I stopped him from walking away from me.

"A surprise" He walked off again.

We arrived at school and I was at my locker when it began.

"Harry I can't do it" I looked at him. I knew its been three years but it hurts.

"Its been three years, Your stronger than this" He looked at my eyes, I knew I could do it. I smiled letting him know I could do it.

" First period English" I grinned at him and watched him fade off to health class.

English. English. English. Ms. Hipnoasi. She was funny and Smart. She also made class go by quickly which was helpful cause next Biology with Harry. I walked out the class and into the Crazy hallway. I tripped and tumbled until someone grabbed my arm. Harry.

"Don't want my friend to get lost" He grinned enough to make his dimples show. I grabbed his sleeve and guided his way to biology with Mr. Shimson.

" Elena , Harry your the first ones as always" He said standing up from his crowded desk. He sat on a taller chair infront of the whiteboard.

"So harry what are you doing this summer, I thought maybe summer camp or something"I smiled to his frown something was definitly wrong.

"I can't Im actually going on the X-factor" He said froening but I was happy my friend is going to be a star.

"Harry your'e going to be famous" I grabbed his hands with joy and pulled him in for a hug.

"But I don't think i'm good enough" I shunned him.

"Uhm no your'e not good, Your'e amazing, Trust me you'll do amazing" The bell rang signaling my to shut it and focus. I loved school since it was not my hell home of a house. I looked over to harry knowing he may be famous. I couldn't be happier for him.

"Gosh school went by fast" I grinned at harry. I slammed my locker shut and threw my bag on my shoulder.

"I want to thank you for everything your'e my most support I couldn't go through anyday without you" His Green eyes outlined blue were beautiful. I smiled at him and walked to his car. He hopped in with a big smile on his face.

I got home to open the door reavling my drunken father.

"Why are you home from school so early" He was so wasted I could smell it already and he was all the way across the room.

"I'm not you may want to look at your watch once in a while" I growled at him running up the stairs. Summer was only a week away. Harry was Leaving in less than a week. I decieded to call him.

"Elena Whats Wrong" He was very protective.

"Nothing harry I just need to talk to you" I actually knew something was wrong "Harry I need to go" my voice sounded desparate.

The door flew open. My father held a knife in one hand and a beer in the other.

"Harry" I whispered as the phone fell from my hand.

"Hey sweetie I just want to play a game" He slurred his words making his way to me.

"I bet you played that game with my mother didn't you, Your crazy" I took my lamp and threw it at him. I missed. Badly. I jumped over my bed falling and tripping.

"Your'e cheating in this game" He yelled. He came at me with the knife but I rolled over dodging it.

I grabbed my alarm clock and threw it at his head making him pass out.

"Crazy Bitch" I walked downstairs. I couldn't tell harry this he was way to protective. I couldn't tell anyone ,I don't know why. I ran outside. It was freezing but harrys house was only a couple blocks away. I ran over there trying to forget but I began to cry. I reached Harrys house and knocked on the door. I wiped my tears from my eyes. Harry opened the door and knew right away something was wrong.

"Elena" He pushed me inside. I sat on the couch and cried in to harrys arms and chest. He was always there for me.

"Tell me" I looked at him.

"Harry" I whispered.

"No, I need to know why , what, who" He stood up and paced around the room.

"Harry trust me, I cant tell you" I looked at him hoping he would understand. He did he grabbed me and embraced me.

"Can I stay here just for the night" I asked him with a return of a nod.



Okay so today, Harry Leaving Me having to spend a Long time without him.

"Okay now remember , Don't forget me" My last words to him face to face before him leaving to the X-factor. I smiled at him as him and his mother left to the auditions. I started walking home remembering all of me and harrys times together. I know he will get in, His voice is amazing. I walked inside to see my father drunken agian.

"Where were you" He seemed angry, very angry.

"Harrys house" I started to walk up the stairs until my father grabbed my arm and hit me across my face.

"Don't you leave this house agian without my permission" He hit me in the stomach making me collapse.

"Bitch" I whispered but loud enough for him to hear.

"You little Fucker" He punched my face. My jaw screeched with pain. He ran to the kitchen. I knew what he was getting. I ran to my room. I was waiting for this day. I grabbed my prepacked bag. The door flew open. I gripped the window and pushed it open. I pushed my legs out and held on with my hands. Until my father cut my arm through the window making me fall from the two story house. The pain filled my body. I hopped up and ran. I ignored the pain and just ran from the night mares. I had 80$ so I hopped on an arriving bus. Worst thing is I was on a bus where I didn't even know where it lead to.

I woke up from the bus stopping and hopped up. I didn't realize any of it until I saw a sign 'Doncaster Cafe'. I walked up to the building and looked inside to see men and women laughing as if everyone in the town knew everyone.

"Hello" I jumped to a girl about my age dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes.

"Hello" she looked at me with an eyebrow raised "Elena" I held out my hand.

"Bonnie" She shaked my hand and pushed me into the cafe.

"So you aren't from around here, are you" I shook my head. I noticed the blood from my arm was leaking through my shirt sleeve.

"Excuse me" I stood up and walked to the restroom and uncovered my arm. It was bleeding everywhere. I washed it off and stopped the bleeding.

I walked back to the table. Me and bonnie talked the whole night and drank lots of coffee and cappachinos.  She was the new harry, but not the same as him. I miss him.

A/N : I love this idea of this story and trust me it will be amazayn, Extraordinharry, Fabalouis... No stop. Ok well Ill have the other chapter up and just trust me this idea wouldn't get out of my head so I had to do it. Comment and Like/Favorite. <3

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