One Direction Imagine

Hey :) so leave your name which boy sexual or not adm amusing you want to happen :) I'll update when I can thank you so much for supporting meeee :D


3. Caitlyn and Harry Pg-13

I was reading my book when Harry burst through the door "Harry what are you...." "Shut up" he said quietly. "Bu..." He kissed me with so much passion I didn't even notice I was now laying on the bed. "Caitlyn I love you so much." "Harry..." he kisses you before you can answer. "Dnt say anything babe"
I woke up the next morning my legs hurt like no tomorrow. I tried to get up and fell. "Caitlyn are you okay?" Harry says. "I'm fine." "well it old ya so." "wha?" "to
D ya you wouldn't be able to walk."
(hi Cautlyn hope you liked it :D)
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