Is this real

Cierra has the perfect life. Just sarcasm, she is bullied at school she doesnt have a father and her mom is away half the time. When she is invited to a party will she meet someone special?


2. The party

I just arrived at Chloes party
A little about Chloe:
She gets along with everyone has longish brown hair blue eyes
And she gets good grades

Holy god her house is big. She also has a dog. I arrive and see 5 boys from school, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and the one I have a crush on, Zayn.
I walk in and instantly blush as Zayn walks over and says hello Cierra, me and him were friends and the rest of the boys didn't know me. Harry walks over and says hello love what's your name? I reply Cierra he says wonderful name and walks away. What was that all about? I think. Oh Chloe is in the kitchen. Okay thanks I say. Hola chika I say as I walk in(we have this thing where we use some Spanish terms with each other. So is "HE" coming I say and wink to Chloe and she is just like shut up playfully. Okay
Whatever. I say and she's like since you and the guys are here early "lets decorate the home" she says quoting her fave home show called home designing.
I am In charge of streamers with Zayn since she knows about my little crush. She is in charge of balloons.

2 hours later...
Ding ding. The doorbell just rang hey Chloe guess who's here?!?!
Stop Cierra seriously

Now that everyone's here, time for....truth or dare!!!:)
Okay Cierra you go first okay chloe truth or dare? DARE!!
Okay I dare you to switch clothes with Louis. Do I have to?!?!?
Yes unless you want a punishment. Okay I'll switch clothes. They come out and Louis is wearing her floral dress and she comes out in a pair of chinos blue and white striped shirt and red suspenders. Chloe, Louis whines this dress makes me look weird. No you look pretty Louis. I say sarcastically. Okay Cierra truth or dare? Dare she said quietly. Okay I dare you to kiss Zayn on the lips.
Zayn looks at me smiles and gives me a peck on the lips and Louis says come on guys get a room
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