When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


13. What?

It was 12:15pm and me and simmy were out shopping for clothes, simmy wanted shoulder off tops, I found out they were her favourite type of tops, i could see why, she looked amazing in them. She had around 40 of them in her hand to try out. I mean it's cute to be honest but like it took forever for her to change and twirl around in front of the mirror to check the top was perfect, she was changing her 3rd one so I decided to go on twitter and check things.
I was looking through pics when a picture caught my eyes. It was a picture of Adam Levine and Sally!
"OMG!" I shouted so I ran into the room Simmy was changing in and held the picture in front of her face. Thank god she was wearing a dress so I didn't see any of her body parts that I shouldn't be seeing.
"OMG, nialler!" She said with her lips making a shape of the letter 'o'
"Wait a minute." She said
That's a fan with Adam Levine , that's not Sally because Sally has never met Adam before.
"Simmy, this is Sally." I said and put the picture right in front of her face.
I grabbed the forty tops and the jeans she was gonna buy and made my way to the cashier. The lady quickly scanned them, I payed for the clothes and ran to my car with simmy in my hand. Of course there were paparazzi everywhere, they managed to take a few pictures of us but I still held her hand and made my way to the car. I started the car engine and was driving towards our house.

Simmy's P.O.V
I knew it wasn't Sally, because me and Sally have been bestfriends for around 5 years and she always tells me everything. Niall was driving very fast trying to get home and find out what was happening. I was looking out of the car window with all the bags in my hand, there was 9 bags,I was so excited to wear my tops!

We got to the house Niall parked the car, grabbed my hand and kissed it and told me "you're my princess." He was so cute and I loved him so much but I knew we shouldn't be doing this now so I pushed him away and said "come on nialler, we need to see what's going on."
Niall agreed and nodded his head, we walked into the house and found Shan on top of harry! Wow that is not normal I thought, she's the good girl that called me and Sally dirty minded and look where her mind has got her now. Niall looked at me and rolled his eyes. Shazza got off each other and were scratching the back of their heads. It was cute but I so felt like killing Sunshine. Anyway back to what we were meant to be here for.
"Hi." Said harry
"Why you back so early." He asked.
Niall handed him his Phone and showed him the picture, shan squeezed her head to see what was going on.

"OMG!" Shan said then said
"Wait when was this?"
"That's what we want to know, have you seen Sally anywhere?" Niall asked.
"Well, we did didn't we?" Shan said
"Yup, she went out with zayn an hour ago." Harry explained.
"Do you think it's possible for us to know where they are?" "We really need to find them." Niall said.
Harry took out his phone and called zayn.
"Hazza!" Zayn shouted through the phone.
"Zayn where are you and Sally, get your ass's here now!" Harry shouted through the phone then ended the call.
"They'll be here soon." Harry explained.
" okay great!" I said.
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