When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


8. Oh please not my .... (Time of month)

Simmy's P.O.V:
I followed Niall to his room, I didn't bring any clothes with me so I had to use some of his, he let me borrow a pair of sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Oh shoot I was in the bathroom when I realised my period had started and I didn't have anything there to use. "Niall!" I shouted but not so loudly for anyone else to hear. "Can you come in but turn around and not look at me?" I asked.
"Yeah sure." He said opening the bathroom door.
"Um I'm on my thing and I haven't got anything with me." I said
"Oh, don't worry babe I'll pop down to the shop and get you what you need." He said.
"Just before you go." I said
He stopped immediately.
"I love you Niall." I said
"I love you too princess." He said back. It was the best feeling ever I rubbed my eyes to check if I was dreaming but I wasn't Niall horan told me that he loved me, I couldn't believe it!
"Thanks Niall." I said
"Anything for you babe." He replied I could see he was smiling.
"I'll be back before you realise I am gone." he said then rushed out of the bathroom.
I stayed in the toilet seat for 5 minutes then he arrived with everything I needed.
"Thanks Niall, I love you."
"You too love." He chuckled then got out of the bathroom. I got myself sorted then cuddled into bed with Niall, he put his hand over my waist and said "night princess." Then kissed me on the forehead.
"Good night my prince." I giggled and kissed him on the nose.
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