When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


2. Nandos <3

  Niall's P.O.V   Sim was an angel I loved her so much but I don't think she feels the same way towards me. Sim was holding my hand for the walk to Nando's, she was so gentle and cute and not to mention beautiful, I could stare at her all my life and never get bored she has a beautiful face with stunning big hazel eyes , at first I thought they were brown but when I looked closely I found out they were an amazing hazel , her long red hair was in loose curls that bounced off her shoulder whenever she was walking, her lips were just so kissable and her smile was perfect. I have so many nicknames for her such as Ms.perfect, sim, horan's princess... Etc. "So simmy, where are you from?" I asked "India." She replied I was just about to tell her how beautiful she was when I got cut off by Sunshine. "Awww." She sang I blushed and I could feel sim blushing too, she let go of my hand and started walking by my side. She looked at me once again and smiled, I melted at that second then pulled myself together. Sally was still very quiet, Sunshine was behind us and Sally was behind Sunshine, I really wanted to know what's wrong with her but I didn't dare ask. Maybe I should invite them over at our house for the night after we come back from Nando's and then she might start talking. We arrived at Nando's and sat at a table. a lady came over to us and said "Hi I'm Elizabeth and I'm serving you today." She then walked away to get the menus. Sunshine and sim looked at each other and burst out laughing, I felt a bit odd so I asked "why are you laughing?" "She was a nerd and this is where she is now" They both said and started laughing again. I smiled then rolled my eyes and looked at Sally, she was still staring down but now she was staring at the table with her hands over her ears. The waiter came back with the menus and asked for what we wanted. " one peri peri hot chicken meal." Said sim. "Make that two." I laughed. Sunshine ordered her food and asked Sally "do you want to eat anything?" Sally shook her head and got up to the ladies restroom. Sunshine was about to get up and follow her when sim tugged at her arm and said "she needs some space." We finished our food and had our drinks. Sim said she'll pay the bill but I sat her down on my lap and payed it instead.
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