When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


19. Just know that I will always love you ..

*2 days later*
Niall's P.O.V

We were all in the hospital, Simmy had been so upset for the last few days, we were all upset in fact but not as bad as her.
We bought some flowers for Sally and some cards, some of our fans also got her and zayn a LOT of things which was so sweet, I swear our fans are the best.
I hugged a crying sim and kissed her neck softly, then I started sucking her neck till I found her sweet spot she moaned a little and then I decided to stop as we were in a public place. Her neck was red and i could see that i was creating a hickey on her neck, I was really proud of what I did, yup I'm weird as everyone probably knows.
She turned to look at me with a tear stained face and kissed my lips I licked her lips for an entrance but she wouldn't let me in.
"Later, we'll do it all." She said
"Eww." I said.
"Shut up you know you want to." She said whilst sticking her tongue out.
"You know me too well." I replied.
We both sat together on a chair, I put sim on my lap and rested my head on her shoulder so that I could take in as much as I could of her sweet scent. She was perfect.
"You know you're perfect." I said then shut my eyes.

I woke up to a feeling of someone licking my ear.
"Sim, not now." I moaned
"Sim?" A familiar voice laughed.
I jumped up and saw Louis in front of me.
"Niall, you should of seen your face." He said bursting with laughter.
"Shut up, let's go check on Sally and zayn." I said
"Yeah, okay." Lou said
I was really hungry and my tummy started growling.
"Wanna eat something with Sally?" He asked .
"Yeah, I'm starving I haven't eating for an hour!" I said
Louis laughed and took my hand to Sally's room.
She was sitting there on the bed with a weak face, her face was as pale as a ghosts face and her lips were really red, her green eyes looked dull and upset.
"Salpoo!" I screamed.
I ran in slow motion but sim got there before me and hugged her.
"Damn always ahead of me." I said to sim.
"That's just how I do." She sang.
I kissed Sally's check and gave her a big bear hug. She smiled and said
"How are the love birds doing?"
"Bad, my girl hasn't kissed me for an hour." I said
Sim came to me and pecked my lips.
"Much better." I said then the two girls and Lou started laughing.
"How you doing Sally?" I asked smiling at her
"Great but I haven't seen Zayn in a while.He was having another operation yesterday because his last one didn't exactly go well." She said through tears.
Louis sat near her on the bed and hugged her tightly, she buried her head in his chest and continued to cry.
She stayed like that for ten minutes sobbing, Louis' t-shirt was wet but he didn't mind.

Sally's P.O.V
I was crying on Louis' chest for around ten minutes, he was so nice, he let me get his t-shirt wet.
I was crying until I heard a nurses voice.
"I'm sorry but he couldn't make it, I'm really sorry, the operation had failed and there was nothing we could do to save him."
I was speechless.
I screamed and started crying really loudly.
"That can't be true, this is a dream for sure!"
The nurse left and I buried my head under the bed sheets and started crying and muttering words and swearing, how could zayn leave me? He promised that he would find Adam with me, he was my best friend and I loved him, it hurt so much my voice was aching, my heart was aching and my body felt weak. I was crying without tears, my tears were all gone.
"You promised." I whispered.
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