When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


21. It's great to have you back <3

Liam's POV
We got zayn in the car and we all drove to our house. It was so great having him, Harry was driving, I was in the passengers seat, Sally, zayn and Lou were in the back seat.
Of course Shania, Niall and sim were in the other car.
We got home and welcomed zayn.
"Welcome back zaynie." Sally said with twinkling eyes.
"Thank you, it's great to be back with those I love." He said with a smile.
"We love you." We all sang to him.
My phone kept vibrating in my pocket, I hope it's.
"Daniele!" I screamed, everyone looked at me and started laughing.
Yep, I was in love with Danielle, the nurse, she was so beautiful and everything about her made me feel weird, in a good way.
We all sat on the coach.
"Sally, ni, sim, I need to talk to you." Zayn said and pointed to the kitchen.
They all got up and followed him.

Sim's POV
I wonder why he needs to talk to us me and Niall got up hand in hand towards the kitchen and Sally was helping zayn get to the kitchen.
"Hey my lovelies." He said
"Hallo, how's the crack?" Sally asked.
Niall and I started laughing, but Niall was having a mini spaz attack on the floor.
"What's so funny?" Zayn asked, he probably felt left out.
"Zayn, they're laughing at me Irish accent." Sally said in an Irish accent.
Zayn started laughing as well.
"Bye guys!" Sally said then headed towards the door.
"Wait babe." Zayn said
"Yes?" Sally asked
"I need to tell you something." Zayn said
"I'm listening." She said and was still near the door.
"Come here, babe." Zayn said
Wow he's being a bit if a flirt.
Sally came to him and looked him in the eyes.
"Yes." She asked
"Well you guys okay with going America next week?" Zayn asked
"But .." Salha started
"I'll be okay by then." He said.
"I'm in." We all shouted a t the same time.
"Great, love you guys." Zayn said and kissed Sally on the cheek.
What is he doing, wait Sally blushed, no this can't be happening.
"Zayn, Sally, you guys love each other." I asked quickly.
"Yeah!." They both shouted at the same time.
"Besties for life." Zayn said and smiled at Sally, she smiled back, thank god about that, I thought to myself.
"1 week yh?" Niall asked
"Yup." Zayn answered.
I was just about to ask where in America we were going but the doorbell rang. Me and Sally rushed to the door and as she was a P.E kind of girl and loved sports, she beat me to the door.
At the door was a familiar face, a tall girl with brown straight hair, maroon chinos and a maroon/beige top tucked in the chinos, she was wearing heels and had her hair up in a messy bun and a maroon flower in her hair.
"Hey, I'm Danielle, you probably recognised me." She said to Sally.
"Sure I do, you're the one that gave us the bad news, I will never forget you." Sally teased.
Sally stepped aside and let Dannielle in.
Danielle's POV
Bitch, I hate that girl Sally and her clumsy friend Samantha, sim, whatever her name was. Let me tell you a bit about me. I'm Danny wheeler the girl Zayn and Sally hate, yes, I've changed my look completely & you're probably just thinking I'm here for Liam, well I'm not, I'm here to take zayn away from Sally and make him all mine. Yes, I hate Sally since we were little, she was that one girl I couldn't stand, I always complained to my mum about how she'd bully me, even though she didn't actually bully me, for some reason I hate her, it was the day when she and Zayn spoke to each other during my Skype call with Zayn, Zayn seemed to love her and all that's when I accused her of bullying me, then one day, she actually did it, she punched me right in the face and every other day she would slap me or threaten to kill me. I think it was because she thought she was strong enough to fight me when in fact, she doesn't know that she's messing with the wrong girl.
"Hi Liam!" I said in a sweet voice.
"Hey Danielle, you looks beautiful." He said
"Thank you, you don't look bad yourself." I teased, when in fact he looked so ugly, I don't see why he's alive.
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