When everything changes<3

Sally, Simanthia & Sunshine were walking in the park when they bump into a celebrity, Niall Horan from One direction!
Everything is just amazing. The girls never knew they would ever meet them.
But is life as easy as it seems?
will the girls stay best friends?
Will Sally give up on finding her love.
Will everything change?


10. Clothes?

Niall's P.O.V
Simmy was asleep by my side, I just couldn't stop looking at her, she was beautiful, her mouth was open as she was snoring softly, I giggled to myself. I heard a knock on the door.
"Niall, open up." I heard, it sounded like zayn so I covered simmy with the bed sheet and kissed her forehead and got up to see what he wanted.
"Um Niall." Zayn started.
"Are you okay?" I asked looking worried
"Um well it's basically, Sally is quite small and as you know my clothes wouldn't fit her so I thought you might have something she could borrow for the night." Zayn said smiling hopefully
" I'll see what I have." I said then got into my cupboard and started searching for small clothes. I found a blue stripy top that Louis had given me, I had never worn it because it was too small and a pair of blue sweaters I gave them to zayn and he said "thanks mate."
"No problem man." I said then closed the door and cuddled in with my beautiful princess.
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