Murder on Manhattan Island

This is a juicy murder story about a body that was found in New York. I got goosebumps just from writing it!


10. You did it!

   "You murdered your own brother," Spencer said.

   "No, you don't understand!" Kim exclaimed.

   "Then tell us the story. All of it," Jane said, putting the gun into an evidence bag.

   "Nick called me, he wanted to show me something. I got so excited when he told me that he was getting a promotion! But, he started bragging to me that he would be paid more than I do. We started arguing, and everyone was looking. So I brought him upstairs, onto the roof. He started yelling at me, I panicked!" Kim explained.

   "You shot him in the head, and when he doubled over, you shot him in the spine and the sternum, which caused him to bleed out."

   "I just wanted to taunt him! But I am such a bad shot. I took the door off of its hinges, and put up the fake one. I was hoping I could just take him, laying on the door, to the hospital. But when I got him on the door, he pushed me. I didn't know he wasn't dead yet, so I screamed and ran." Kim said.

   "Well,thank you for your honesty, that us a lot of court time. Kim Joyce, you are under arrest." Spencer said and cuffed her.

   "I wish I had Nick back..." Kim cried.

Case closed.

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