Murder on Manhattan Island

This is a juicy murder story about a body that was found in New York. I got goosebumps just from writing it!


7. Questions

   "Thank you both for coming, I know how hard this is for you," said Spencer.

   "It is. Between Rose dying, and Nick, its hard to keep this family together." said Harry. "When will we be able to give him a proper burial?"

   "First we will have to conduct a proper crime investigation of his death," replied Spencer.

   "What do you mean?" said Kim.

   "We found bullet wounds on the skeleton that suggest that someone shot at him three times, and he bled to death," said Spencer.

   "So, he was ........murdered?" asked Harry.

   "Yes, did he have any enemies at work, or in general?" asked Spencer.

   "No, he barely had any friends, and anyone he was friends with was great to him," said Harry.

   "Where did he work?" Spencer asked.

   "He worked at TD banking," replied Kim.

   "On 14th street?" asked Spencer, now on the edge of his seat.

   "Yes, why?" asked Harry.

   "That is where his body was found," replied Spencer. "Did he have roof access?"

   "Yes, every employee had it. I used to work there before I quit to work at the Chrysler Building operating the elevators and automatic doors," Kim said.

   "Thank you, you may go now," said Spencer


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