Murder on Manhattan Island

This is a juicy murder story about a body that was found in New York. I got goosebumps just from writing it!


8. Back at the Istitute

Back at the AUSTIN institute, Dr. Ferrell was focused on what fabric was used for the fake door, and if there was anything on the real door. Dr. Poverson was studying the bones that had just been cleaned, and Spencer was explaining to both of them what he had really learned in the interrogation room.

   "So I'm telling you, we so far have no possible suspects! This case is going nowhere," Spencer was saying desperately.

   "I wouldn't say that," James suddenly stated. "I just got the results back on the fabric used for the fake door, and it turns out someone used a printing press with he mold of a door on a carpet like the ones they use in the Chrysler building."

   "Wait, that wouldn't make sense because no one in this case has access to any of that material," Spencer said.

   "No, Nick's sister, Kim, works at the Chrysler building operating the elevators and automatic doors, that means that she would have access to that material," stated Dr. Poverson.

   "Well, that makes sense, because if she had access to those kinds of tools in order to operate those elevators and doors, than she definitely would have been able to unhinge the door. Plus, based on scratch marks the door is 100% positively the thing that was used to dislodge the hand from the body," Dr. Ferrell said.

   "And I estimate that the gun that was used was a 22 caliber." Dr. Poverson said.

   "Well, it looks like it is time to get a warrant to search Kim's home," Spencer declared.

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