Murder on Manhattan Island

This is a juicy murder story about a body that was found in New York. I got goosebumps just from writing it!


5. Back at the AUSTIN institute

Back at the AUSTIN institute, Dr. James Ferrell, Dr. Poverson's assistant, was gathering any evidence that he could from the door, the body, and the cloth door. That was when Jane walked in.

   "Oh, hey, Dr. Poverson, I heard about your accident. Hows your arm feeling?" James asked.

   "Oh, I'm fine," she replied. She then rolled down the sleeve of her beloved white lab coat, showing a bandage wrapped entirely around her right arm. "How is the body coming?"

   "I made a facial reconstruction" said Dr. Ferrell, as he then pulled a picture of a face with a french handlebar mustache, and a very poor haircut. "I also," continued James, "pulled an X-ray of the victim's teeth, as well as a partial fingerprint. I will be getting the results soon." Suddenly, three new pages came out of the printer. 

   "Ah, that would be them!" James said. He then rushed over to the pages, and examined them. "They all point to a specific man in person, 'Nick Joyce', age 23, male. That certainly fits the age and gender right. I'll run the name through missing persons, see if I find anything." He then went over to his computer and started typing.

   "What appears to be cause of death?" asked Dr. Poverson asked as she grabbed a pair of rubber gloves and started her examination of the body.

   "I found three fatal gunshot wounds to the frontal bone in the skull, the C2 and C3 vertebra, as well as the  sternum.These wounds would have most likely not cause of death, bu caused the body to completely bleed out, ending in instant death." James said. Then he said"Okay, it looks like who you have this time on that stainless steel table is Nick Joyce, age 23, male, missing since last Wednesday. 

It was Tuesday.

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