Murder on Manhattan Island

This is a juicy murder story about a body that was found in New York. I got goosebumps just from writing it!


3. A Handy Option

When they arrived in Times square, Jane found out that Spencer was right. On either side of the intersection, there were road blocks and dozens of dozens of cars behind them. And right in the middle of it all, was an FBI crew and some crime scene tape. However, Jane and Spencer just walked through to the hand.

   "Large features or the hand suggest male, but we're going to need the rest of the skeleton for closer examination." said Jane.

   "Is there anything else you can tell me" Spencer said, holding his index cards and pen.

   "The victim suffered extreme blood loss, due to the lack of blood and hydrated tissue. It is mostly bone.  I'm going to need this sent to the AUSTIN institute." Jane explained.

   "Yes, ma'am" said an FBI agent somewhere.

   "Well, how do you suppose it got there, I mean people just don't die in the street and there is no body to be found, so what happened?" wondered Spencer.

   "Well, gash marks on the carpals and what is left of the ulna suggest this hand was ....." said Jane.

   "English, please," pleaded Spencer.

   "The victim's hand was caught on something when he died, and after time the weight caused the bone to snap and fall." explained Jane.

"Then, where did it fall from?" asked Spencer, as both of them then gazed up at the TD banking building that was right next to them.

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