Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


54. Tour kicks off!

"I think that's everything baby", he said wheeling the last suitcase into the tour bus.

"You think so?", I asked.

"Yah I'm positive!", he said.

We kissed, then headed into the tour bus, greeted by the boys and being greeted by who was all going on tour: me, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, baby Hunter, Niall, Harry, and Louis.

"Hey Claire, were the only girls here...which means? Bonding timeeeeeeee", she sang. "

Yes it doesss!", I sang back sitting next to her as the driver started up the bus.

"This is Claire's first tour, I think that deserves a celebration!", Liam said sitting down next to Zayn who was bouncing hunter in his lap.

"Hey Niall. What's the matter love?", I said sitting down next to him now.

"I...I..miss Dem", he said.

"Hey it's okay. Remember, she's on her big tour right now too, and you'll get to see eachother really soon ok?", I said giving him a big hug.

"Thanks babe", he said.

Then, I headed over to Louis. "You too big guy?", I said hugging him.

"Yah", he said sadly.

"You guys can do this, it's gonna be ok! C'mon were gonna have a great time, and Louis you're seeing Eleanor soon, and Susan remember?", I stated.

"Yah,,,thanks Claire", he said.

"No prob!", I said then went over by Harry.

"Harry c'mon!", I said hugging him too.

"What if she forgets about me...or finds someone better....whilst I'm away?", Harry said with deep sadness in his eyes.

"She can't cus theyres nobody better, Harry she loves you and when you love someone you never forget about them.

Ever", I said.

"Yes, thanks lovely", he said and then I sat down.

"You're the best, were gonna call you Mumma Direction now", Louis laughed.

"Mumma, can you go fetch me a sandwich?", he asked.

"Bitch get your own", I said and Louis laughed.

"But momma pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?", he whined.

"God are you annoying!", I said heading into the 'kitchen'.

"Love you momma", he said. "Don't even start with me, or imma make you go to your room", I instructed and Perrie laughed.

"Haha", Zayn said. "Zayn,next time I hear anything from that mouth, you're in your room!", I said.

"Yes mum", he said and I laughed.

I returned with Niall's sandwich. "You have to cut it into those little triangles!", he complained.

"If I cut them in the little squares, I'll shove them right up your ass", I said.

"Yes mommy", he said laughing. I sat down, and rested my head on Liam's shoulder falling in a deep sleep. I knew this tour was going to be exhausting and a lot of work, but I was ready and excited.

"Florida in 8 hours!", Niall yelled around seven in the morning.

"Niall if I wanted a fucking alarm clock I would've set one", Zayn yelled. "Niall, stuff your face so we don't have to hear it", Louis yelled.

"Fuck you Louis you just kicked me!", Harry yelled. Then, Hunter started crying.

"Fuck you both", Perrie said and I could hear her shuffling through the poorly sound proof walls of the tour bus.

"You get used to it!", Liam whispered kissing me. We tried getting back asleep, but it was kinda useless. I decided to throw my pajama bottoms back on, and head into the living room area of the bus where I heard Perrie, Hunter and Niall.

"Liking your first day in the bus?", Niall asked, "Fuck you", I mumbled to him.

"Love you too bitch", he said smiling at me.

"Perrie, how are you doing?", I asked her seeing her rocking Hunter.

"Fine. At least Hunter slept through the night for his mommy....", she started but was interrupted by Zayn..."and daddy..", he said then Perrie continued "but some idiot decided to wake us all up early". "*cough* Niall", Zayn said and I saw Liam escaping from the room we were sleeping.

A few hours later, the boys and I had separate interviews to do.  Then, we came back to the bus to unwind for the night. 

“Aren’t you excited for tomorrow night?” Zayn asked me as Harry started to cook dinner, tacos (Harry’s favorite).

“I..uhm.. yah. Sure”, I replied not sure what to say.   

“Zayn, she’s probably really nervous…”, Louis exclaimed.

“Yah…I am”, I said.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be great, everyone will love you just like I do”, Liam said kissing me.

“What if I like fall on stage..or forget the lyrics?”, I said shying away.

“Louis forgot his lyrics on stage once…we all had a good laugh about it later.  And, Liam ripped his pants on stage and Harry’s shirt came off…it happens to all of us”, Niall said laughing.


The next morning ,we had to get up at 5:30, and I found out that Perrie is really crabby early in the morning.

"Ok, are we gonna go yet..or?", she said.

"Hold on, Perrie!", I said.

'Claire, hurry!", she said sounding exausted.

"I'm hurrying!", I said heading back into the other room.

" you have Hunter?", she demanded.

"Yes he's alreay in the car...with Niall, Louis and Harry", he responded.

"Where's my diaper bag?", she asked as Liam and I were heading out into the car.

"For the third time, babe its in the car already. Now, lets go", he said. 

They headed out soon, and we drove to where the concert was going to be at which wasn't that long of a drive.

When we got there, we were greeted by Paul.

"This way", he said.  we followed behind. 

"Ok, we're going to run through how this show is going to work tonight, then we're going to redo it until it is perfect, then hair and makeup and dress and everything lik that", he said. 

"And Perrie,  you can come this way with me into a litttle side area, where you can still see everything but it won't be  a distraction with the baby and everything...", he said and she nodded. 

"So, lets go!  From the top!", Paul yelled a few minutes earlier.  Except, he yellled that numerous hours ago: this was the real thing this time.  I was shaking as the boys ran out on stage. 

"Good night Orlando!", Harry yelled into his microphone, and thousands of girls cried and screamed and cheered.  Thousands!

'We'd like to introduce you to.someone very special to us.  Her name is Claire, could you give her a nice round of applause?", the boys asked as it was my que to run onstage.  As I headed, I knew there was no turining back, and I suddenly wasdn't as nervous when I heard everyone calling my name.

'Hellllloooo everyone!", I yelled into my mic. 

I started singing when the boys left the stage, and everything went perfectly. 

“Wow Claire that was amazing”, Liam said kissing me. 

“Fabulous”, Louis said hugging me next.

“Good Job momma”, Niall said.

“Congrats Claire”, Zayn said. 

Then, Harry said “You did great just like I knew you would!”

They went on stage, and blew the audience out of their seats, Perrie and I included.

In the ride back to the bus, Liam held my hand.

“Boys that was fantastic”, I said.

“I agree”, Perrie stated. 

“Thanks”, they all said and Liam kissed me.

In the bus, Niall stuffed his face instantly with whatever he could find.

“Dude, save me some of those Doritos”, Zayn yelled snatching the bag.

I took some Oreo’s from Perrie, those being my weakness and soon fell asleep, with Liam’s arms wrapped around me.

The next day started off similarly: we got up at 5:30 again, Perrie was still crabby, and we went through the same routine, now heading to the same arena as yesterday.  Except today, I had a terrible headache.

“Claire, you don’t have to do this if you don’t feel good!”, Liam insisted as we headed inside the building.

“No, I’m fine.  I just need…some ibuprofen or something like that”, I decided.

“Ok, um, here you go”, Perrie said pulling some out of her purse.

“You’re the best”, I told her taking it and swallowing the pill with the water bottle clutched in my hands. 

“Ok, you know the drill”, Paul said and we nodded. 

We went through the same routine as yesterday, except half way through my performance my head started to hurt really badly again.  After the last song, I couldn’t take it any longer. 

“Why don’t we just head back Claire?  You don’t look so well”, Perrie said.

“I don’t know, the boys want us to stay, and I’ll be okay”, I insisted.

“No you won’t, they would understand and I can’t get Hunter to relax right now”, she said.

“Ok, let’s go”, I said and we told someone back stage to tell the boys we left and I wasn’t feeling well.  They agreed, of course they would because we asked them, and we headed back to the bus.

“You look…really pale”, Perrie said as we entered the tour bus.

“Perrie, I’m…I’m…”, I started throwing up all over myself.

“Shit”, I mumbled feeling horrible as Perrie came by my side. 

“It’s okay Claire, I don’t mind”, she said handing me a washcloth.

“I thought you hated vomit”, I said wiping off my face.

“Yea I was, but since I became a mother…I guess it doesn’t bother me anymore”, she said

“I’m really sorry P”, I said. 

“Don’t be, really it’s no big deal.  Now, go get cleaned up, and I’ll take care of this”, she said and I nodded.

About an hour later, I was lying in bed just finishing the tea Perrie made me, when there was a knock on the door.  After I said “come in”, I saw it was Liam.

“Hey babe how are you feeling”, he asked kissing my forehead.

“I’m doing okay now.  Perrie took good care of me”, I said and he smiled.

“How was the rest of the show”, I asked him as he started to strip down into just his underwear, snuggling up next to me.

“It went well”, he said and we both drifted asleep to the moving of the bus. 

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