Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


31. There's hope

One month later---

Liam and I went to go visit my mother in the hospital, hand-in-hand as we struggled our way through the screaming mob of fans, mostly teenage girls, my age and younger.

"I love you Liam", I said as we headed into the elevator.
"Claire, you know in love you more", he insisted.
"Nope", I said as we headed into the room. We saw her doctor in there, and I decided to ask him about how everything was going.

"Well, you see her body is holding up really well, each day yet the disease will come and fight with her at the same force. Right now, it's like we're at a standstill, but if one small thing were to happen, she has little to no chance of survival. However, by the looks of things right now, we assume she will have about 2 months left, which is far more than we anticipated. Her body is really weak right now, she sleeps during most of the day, and is having trouble breathing.
But you see, there is a new procedure we can perform to take out part of her brain which might improve her health. The on,y problem is, there are many complications and a high death rate, but at the same time it could potentially save her life. So, as you can tell there are many options but a short time to make the decision", he told us as I listened to the uneven breaths my mother was taking. Looking at her, she looked so helpless and weak. I knew either way she was going to die inevitably. In also knew that letting go is the hardest part. Maybe I should let go.....
But, I can't, it's my mothers life were talking about!

When she woke up a few minutes later, I caught up the nerve to ask her before she would surely drift asleep again.
"Claire I don't know what I'm going to do", she responded.
"I think you should.....get the surgery done. Either way, you are going to die. But, at least we know if anything happens that we tried, and did the best we can. There's s chance everything can go back o the way it was before", I said.
She nodded, then said "I'll do it". I called the doctor back into the room, and they scheduled the appointment for next week.

When we left, I cried the whole car ride home.

Liam hugged me when we arrived in our driveway. And told me that every ing was gonna be ok, and that he would always be there for me.

When we arrived home, I saw...everyone standing there. Demi, Niall, Susan, Eleanor, Louis, Zayn, Perrie, Harry, and Rachel greeted us as we walked in.

"Hey guys.....what are you doing here?", I asked.
"Wow after all we've done for you", Harry whined.
"Would you like me to smack you?", I responded.
"Please do", Niall chimed in.
"We wanted to surprise you", Rachel,said.
"We'll sneaking into my house worked then", Liam said laughing.
"Oh please your garage door code couldn't have been more predictable", Louis joked.
"Oh I love you guys!", I said.
"And we love you!", Demi said.
"We do?", Niall joked and Demi whacked him one.
"Ok we do", Niall responded and I laughed.

They informed us around 10 pm that they were all sleeping over, we didn't have nearly enough room.
"I'm almost 8 months pregnant- I think I get to sleep on a bed!", Perrie said.
"Yes, I agree", I said.
"Well, this is our home, so we get our bed then", Liam said.
"Right, and we have a two year old, so I think we get a room", Louis explained.
"Well, me and Niall can sleep on the floor in Claire and Liam's room if Harry and Rachel want the couches", Demi suggested.
"Sounds like a plan!", Harry said as Liam went to go find an air mattress with Demi's help. The other girls were setting up their beds, and it was just me, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis in the kitchen.
"Claire!", they cheered as I entered the room.
"Hey guys!", I gushed.
"GROUP HUG!", Niall yelled, putting me in the middle.
"Um, I'm squished!", I said as Liam came In the room.
"Harry, you smell like bo", I complained.
They finally let me go.

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