Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


26. The weekand

Me, Ryan, Tess, Gina, Kayla, and Grace piled into my car, embarking on a loong drive.
"TURN IT UP BABE!", Gina yelled from the back seat when Little Mix's Wings came on the radio. I turned it up litterly all the way, and we were all singing. Then Ryan goes "shut up its my Jades part now".
"Ryan, Jade has a boyfriend and you're never gonna meet her, so chill your balls", Kayla said.
"Hey, can we just get back to the song now lovely s?", Tess said smacking Kayla.
"Bitch please", kayla said and I was laughing.
"Eyes front why did we even let her drive? She's gonna kill us all!", Tess said.
"Hey you're blond too babe", I responded. "And CHILL we hAve hours left", I explained.
"I'm hungry!", Ryan whined.
"Do you want me to smack you?", I said.
"Yes I think he would", Gina said.
"That's why I love you g", I said smiling.
"No seriously, I'm hungry now too", Kayla exclaimed.
"When aren't you hungry?", Ryan said putting an arm around Kayla and Tess in the backseat.
"Ok fine well get food cus I'm kinda hungry too", I said as we pulled into a Mc Donald's.
"What can I get you?", the lady asked.
"Ryan you first", I said.
"Um, ok. Ill have a double cheeseburger fries 10 piece chicken nuggets a medium fry and a large coke", he said.
"Damn Ryan that feeds three frisking people!", Tess yelled.
Everyone else ordered, and I ended up paying like sixty bucks.

Two long hours later we were almost there. When Tess saw the Hollywood sign, she screamed.
"Tess really?", Ryan said since he had a headache now.
"I can do that again...louder too", she responded and gave him a bitchy look.

I got a call from Perrie and answered immediately.
"Babee!", she said.
"Hey!", was my response.
"So, we just got here and were ready for ya", she said.
"Same here. In 5", I explained trying not to give anything away.
"Cool, well were ready and Jades the most excited", she said.
"Woot woot", I replied and she laughed.
"Ok bye", she said.
"Bye", I said hanging up the phone.
"Who was that?", they asked like vultures.
"Oh it was Perrie she just wanted to say...hi", I said telling a little white lie. I wasn't about to ruin the surprise!

The surprise

We pulled into the driveway of a 5-star hotel in Hollywood, and my friends looked like they were going to faint.
"Hey, only the best for my besties!", I said and they all thanked me.
"I owe it to you all", I said.
"Awwe Claire's the best!", Gina said.
"This isn't even all the surprise babes not even close!", I said as they took their luggages out of the trunk, heading inside the hotel with me. We took an elevator, where Kayla insisted we take like a gazillion pictures, standing outside our room. I quickly texted Perrie, stalling for a few seconds before opening the door. Like planned, all of the lights were off. After flickering the switches, I directed each of my friends to a different room where each of the girls were hiding in. I watched Ryan from the corner, recording him.... He slowly opened the door, and there was little Jade sitting there. He was absolutely speechless.
"No, wait....I'm Jade?", he finally got out.
"Yea babe oh no it's ok . I was hoping you would get here soon Ryan", jade said winking at him.
"You know my name? EVERYBODY JADE THIRWALL KNOWS MY NAME!", he screamed and I've never seen him that happy. They flirted once he calmed down, so I went to go check on the other girls. I heard laughter from Perrie and Tess, Leigh Anne and Gina were rapping....never knew Gina could rap? And Jesy and KAyla were chatting away like old friends. After a few minutes, everybody headed into the living room, my friends litterly attacking me with hugs and thank yous.
Then, I hugged each of the girls, thanking them especially Jade! And Perrie for putting this all together.

"Guys, what is a little mix week and without singing?", Jade exclaimed, blushing as she stood next to Ryan.
"Ok, but we have to get this recorded little babe", Jesy said.
"Alright, uhm ill record it, you girls all sing!", Ryan insisted, as Jade handed her his phone.
"Add your number too", she nonchalantly said flashing him a sweet smile. That made her look completely innocent. Oh jade.....
"Ok, let's sing...oh I don't know. Why don't you pick, Tess?", Perrie insisted.
"Um, I don't care really. Maybe wings or...DNA", she responded.
"Ok, let's do both. Gina and leighanne you got Leigh Anne's part, me and Tess will take my part, Kayla and Jesy take Jesys part, and um, jade you and Claire sing your part. Everybody clear?", Perrie said.
"Alright miss bossy pants", I said and we started out singing. It sounded amazing, ever sice I'd met Perrie I thought it would be massively cool to sing with her, or better yet all of little mix.
The rest of the week and continued, and before we knew it, we were in my car taking the journey back home. Because of popular demand, Ryan drove.
"Wait, so um what's up with you and Jade?", I asked nudging him from the passengers seat.
��"Oh, ya know. Baby steps.....she's single told you guys and she thinks I'm cute....I hope this goes somewhere", Ryan said his face as red as a fire hydrant.
"Does she know you're obsessed?", Gina said from the backseat.
"Shut up, I'm so not obsessed. love", he said even redder.
"Ok nice, now why don't you smile for the camera? Jade saw this all I'm skyping them....", Kayla said.
"Kayla I hate you, don't talk to me", he insisted.
"I'm just kidding ! Jade didn't see it, but I recorded it..", Kayla responded.
"You're so lucky", he said his face returning to a normaler tone now.
"Hun, actually you're lucky", Tess said.

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