Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


17. The wedding

"DEMI! Get up its your big day!", I said hitting her with a pillow.
"I can't wait!" She boasted spranging out of bed. The other girls, in the room with us, were awoken, and that was the easy part. The hard part was made to find a way to get Demi out of the house without being seen by Niall. But like always we had a plan! The plan was that Rachel and me would make sure Niall was hidden in his room with the help of our babes, Liam and Harry. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Perrie would help Demi out of the house, and make sure she had everything she needed. The plan seem to work out perfect and now we are in the car heading to the salon. (We are getting our hair nails and makeup done).

We all decided to get French tips, and we weren't the same however with our hair. Demi's hair was curled, which looked absolutely gorgeous! My hair was put into a curly bun, which looked really cool with the pink died ends in my hair. Eleanor's hair was straightened, Rachel's was fish tailed, and Perrie's hair was curled like Demi's. we all looked amazing, and we got our makeup done next.
When we were finished, we entered the 5-star hotel in downtown LA where the wedding/reception would be held at. Already, chairs were being neatly arranged, and the cooks were beginning to perepare food. Flowers were just arriving as we headed up the grand staircase to the area we would be dressing and hanging out in before the wedding officially started which was in, like 3 hours? As soon as we entered, we saw subs waiting for us with our names on them from the boys. Ontop of Demi's was the sweetest note from Nialll. It read "I love you. It sucks not being able to see your beautiful face, run my fingers through your hair and kiss you, but I know next time I see you I will be standing at the other end of that isle, waiting for my gorgeous bride to meet me. So, see you soon baby? I love you xox, Niall.
We ate, Demi still swoon from the note from Niall, and Liam called me.
"Hello?", I said answering the call.
"Hey", Liam responded.
"Meet me in lobby in five minutes", he said.
"Um..ok but why?", I asked.
"Because I can't stand it any longer I need to see you!", he replied and I smiled big, "and I have Susie...."
"Yah, ok ill be there babe", I responded.
"Great", he said.
"Bye", I said hanging up.
"What was that about?", the girls asked me.
"Oh nothing....Liam wants me to meet him in the lobby to um pick up Susie and he said he can't take being away from me any longer", I said blushing.
"Aww you guys are totally meant for each other", Rachel gushed.
With that I practically ran down the stairs and found my man down there holding the baby. The instant he saw me, he gently let Susie's feet touch the ground (did I mention she can walk now...) and came running over to me. I jumped into his arms, and he kissed me.
"How's it going with Demi she doing alright?", Liam asked when he let me go.
"Perfectly fine she's super excited", I responded. "What about Niall?", I asked.
"He's a little nervous hell screw it up, but i think he's doing great", he responded smiling at me.
"They'll be fine, I know it. Just like you and me. When it's our day, were gonna be just fine!", I responded and that made him lean down to kiss me.
"Well, I guess I'd better go", I said scooping up Susie in my arms and she giggled. I kissed Liam one last time, then watched him walk away ;).
Then, I carried Susie up the stairs, and headed into the room.
"There's mommas little princess", Eleanor said as I handed her her baby girl.
We got into our dresses, then helped Demi into hers.
Before we knew it, we were headed out the door, down the stairs and the wedding was about to start. Demi squeezed my arm "I'm nervous clairey", she whispered.
"You'll be perfect trust me", I said.
Since I was the maide-of-honor, and Liam was the groomsmen-of-honor, we were down the aisle right after the flower girl, Demi's youngest sister, Madison. When we proceeded, I saw how many people there was,or just started to anyways. There was,I'd say roughly 300 people, some I didn't recognize. Then, everyone else went and then there was demi. She made her way to Niall, with tears. There was talking and stuff, then the priest guy said "you may now kiss the bride". Afterwards, we were led into an area with tables and dimly lit candles with beautiful flower bouquets. Niall picked up Demi bridal style and carried her to the table. Me and Liam were the only other people at their table, and Demi was glowing with happiness as the apitizers were passed around. "Demi, you did it. And you look the happiest I've ever seen you", I said.
"Because I am happy", she says. "I'm with the man of my dreams, and I'm sharing this moment with my best friend. I couldn't be happier!", she said smiling bigger than humanly possible.

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