Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


46. The Wedding Planning

Today, Liam and I were going to a wedding planner and Demi and Niall were coming with, because Demi was gonna be the maid of honor, and Niall was going to be the groom of honor thingy. 

I know, it sounds like it was really early, because weve only been engaged for a few weeks, but this was going to require a lot of planning, and we were so excited we could hardly wait. 

Liam held on tightly to my hand as he drove my car.  I let him drive if he promised to be safe.  Demi and Niall were in the back seat holding hands as well.

"Liam, stay on the road, and claire...keep your shirt on this time?", Niall quizzically stasted.

 Demi laughed, and Liam bit his lip to say something.

"Not funny Niall', he finally got out.

"But it is", he responded.

Soon, we arrived and headed out of the car.

We were greetede by the wedding planner and she told us her name was Taylor.  She was the same person who planned Demi's wedding i remembered.


"Come right this way!", she boomed, leading us to a tidy office with a great view of the city, and tons of natural sunlight beaming in from outside.

When we sat down in the chairs, she offered us something to drink.  I took water, so did Liam, and Niall and Demi took pepsi. 

Then, she turned on her laptop, opening an organized template document.

"And your full names are bride and groom?", she asked.

"Claire Nicole Sutton", I said.

"Liam James Payne", he said as she typed it into her computer.

"Ok, and have you picked out a wedding party yet?", she asked.  We nodded.

"Ok, lets do bridesmades first!", she said smiling at me.

"Well, Demi's the maid of honor, and the other bridesmades are Perrie, Eleanor, my sister Tiffany, my friends from school Gina and Tess, my cousin Bridgit and Liam's sisters Ruth and Nicola", I explained.

"That sounds great!", she said.

"Liam, who are the groomsmen?", she asked as Liam held my hand under the table. 

"Lets see, the head groomsman is Niall, then the other groomsmen are Zayn, Harry, Louis, Claire's best friend Ryan, Claire's brothers Evan and Daniel, my best friend Andy and Ed Sheeran", he responded wearing a huge smile on his face.

"Wonderful!", she stated. 

"Do you have any other roles determined so far, such as flower girl, etc?", she pleasently asked.

"As of right now, babe dont we have your little sister for a flower girl?", he asked and i nodded.

"Whats her name dear?", Taylor asked.

"Daisy", I responded feeling Liam's knee brush up against mine.

"Ok wonderful.  Now the fun part....", she started.

"Finally", Niall said and Demi kicked him.  I saw becuase she was sitting to the left of me, Liam on my right and Niall was next to Demi. 

~But the rest, youll just have to wait and read what happens at the wedding!~


On the way home, we were singing really loudly with the windows rolled down and Demi was recording it on her phone.  It was seriously hilarious!
When we arrived at the house though, we were informed there was going to be a party there tomorrow night, no kids. 

So, Perrie was going to the grocery store to get snacks for the party, and I tagged along with her and baby Hunter.

"They never told me what to get, so whatever looks good throw it in the cart", she said securing Hunter's carseat on the shopping cart.

"Alright!", I said.  First, we started in the way back with drinks. 

We ended up getting tons of beer, wine, water and soda.

"Do yuo even know how many people are coming?", i asked.

"Hun, Zayn and Harry are throwing it.  You never know whos going to show up, it'll probablly be a lot of people though", she said putting the last 24-pack of soda in the cart. 

Afterwards, we headed into the snacks isles, getting almost every chip they had, including 6 bags of doritos which i thought was a little much, but Perrie assured me it wasn't.

"Niall could probablly eat six bags alone", she said and i nodded.

"Right?  we mise well get seven then", I replied.

"If Niall stays away, six should be fine now lets move onto the desert!", she said as Hunter started whining.

"Baby, mommy isnt gonna flash all of these people to feed you", she whispered so only i colud hear.  I laughed a little. 

"What is it like being a momma?", I asked.

"Its....hard work! You get barely any sleep and your baby needs you constantly.  But, at the same time, its lovely.  knowing that someone is yours and the person you love the most, andits just amazing", she explained.

I nodded.  "I was just wondering cus Liam wants a baby soon, and i do too", I said feeling my cheeks get hot. 

"yah, well I couldnt think of tow better parents!", she said.

"Thanks babe", I said. 









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