Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?



(((((Just a note: this was the most fun chapter to crete so far!! tell me what you think :) ))))))


"Claireeeee", Demi sang. 

"Gooooodmorning Demi", I said jumping out of bed. 

'So it isn't always a challenge to get you out of bed before noon....", she said on the side. 

"'s my best day everrrrrr!  I've been waiting for this, plaaning for this ever since I was 7 years old, and everything's gonna be perfect!", I said as the other girls got up, too. 

There was a knock on the door, and I saw my mom and Liam's mom. 

"Helooo girls! We brought bagels!", my mom said as they entered.  I hugged them both, and Liam's mom said "Looks like i'm gonna have another daughter?", kissing the top of my forehead. 

The other girls ran down the stairs, as my mom set the bagles on the table. 

Grabbing the bag, Tiffany took herself out one, then everyone else grabbed one. 

When were were busy stuffing our faces, the doorbell rang and I saw it was Abby.

"Abbby!  You made it!", I said pulling her in for a tight hug. 

"I wouldn't miss this for the world Claire!", she said.

"Wanna bagle?", Daisy asked Abby smiling at her. 

"Of course!  I'll be right there sweetie", Abby said.  Then, she followed Daisy and me into the kitchen. 

After we finished, we all went upstairs to grab our things for the wedding and then pilled into three cars:  Liam's mom, my mom, Nicola, Ruth and Tiffany went in one car, me, Demi, Perrie, Tess, Gina and my cousin Bridgit.  Then, in the last car was Eleanor, Susan, Daisy and Abby. 

The driving only took us about half an hour, and we soon arrived at the salon to get our nails done. 

"Claire and company for manicures and pedicures, please come this way!", she said excitedly as we followed her into the back.

Claire's nails.......

The bridesmades nails....

The flower girl......

And, lastly the maid of honor's nails....


After we got our nails done, we headed to the hotel where the wedding was going to be partially held at. 

"Hello, it's great to see you, Claire! How are you doing today?", Rebecca, the lady at the check in desk greeted me. 

"Wonderful!", I said. 

"If you need anything, anything just call the front desk and we'll be happy to help you", she smiled as we took thee grand staircase upstairs. 

My phone buzzed, and I checked to see it was a text message from Liam.

"Hello baby, just wanted 2 say that i cant wait to see you in 5 hours, 25 minutes and 28 seconds.... I love u and i know you will look absolutley beautiful!!! I love you babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  k cya soon my bride! luv, ur groom li

'aww", i said. 

"What?", Demi asked me as we headed into a huge room and met up with the hair and makeup stylists.

"here read this", I said handing her my phone. 

"aww", she cooed handing it back to me.

'ther is the beautiful bride!", one of the ladies in there said. 

"Yes, she's here!", I said and we filled into the room, soon filling it up. 

"Turn on the music!", Perrie said as I was getting my hair started on. 

"Ok", Tiffany said yanking her phone out of her pocket, and plugging it into the mp3 stereo thing Perrie brought.  We were jamming out to every song on her ipod, from A to Z, including One Direction, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, my new single, Little Mix, Hunter Hayes, and some other artisits, too.

My hair was curled, and it looked absolutley amazing!  Then, my bangs were neatly pinned back and then someone did my makeup, which looked flawless!  The other girls were getting their hair done and makeup too, and everyone looked really beautiful. 

Then, it was time to put the wedding dress on....We moved into a different room, not everyone just Demi, Perrie, and Gina. 

It went smoothly, just a little of my hair was messed up, and that was quickly fixed.  I put on the tiara, and got on the shoes.  Afterwards, we slipped outside like ninjas so I wouldn't see Liam to take just girl "Before the wedding" pictures. 


After pictures, we slipped back inside and had less than half an hour before the wedding started.  We headed back to the room, and I heard a knock on the door.

It was Zayn and louis poking their heads in.

"Whoa Claire you look beautifullll", Louis said hugging me cautious of the dress.

"Dadddyyyy!", Susan cried out running over to her dad. 

"hello princess, you're coming with Daddy now", he said picking her up.

"Abby, come with us.. since you're watching Susan and um Hunter for us", Louis said and Abby followed, hugging me first. 

"Good luck Claire!  I'll see you soon", she said.

"Ok, and thanks Ab", I said and she headed out the door with Zayn and Louis.

"Seee you downstairs in....10 minutes", Zayn yelled as Perrie closed the door.

" are you feeling?", Eleanor asked me.  

"We're gonna go get seated and everything...", my mom said as her and liam's mom stood up slowly. 

"Ok", I said and the nmy mom hugged me.

"It isn't too late to change your mind", she whispered.

Liam's mom hugged me, whispering "see you soon hun!  I know you'll do great".

ok, so now I knew who was going to be more supportive of  this marriage that would be happening soon.  But, i brushed that off feeling my stomach twitch.

"I...I'm nervous!  El, what if i screw up or embarras myself?  What if Liam realizes that he didn't really wanna marry me?",  I said.

"Claire, everything's gonna be fine.  I was feeling the same way at my wedding, but believe me when you see your groom at the end of the aisle..those fears dissapear.  Now, c'mon its your big moment, let's not waste it!", she said squeezing my hand.

"Everything will be just fine", I whispered to myself. 

Then, I headed down the grand staircase, and all of the bridesmaid's followed closely behind me.

"This is your nig moment let's not waste it" replayed over and over again as the bridesmades and groomsmen all lined up, and Daisy entered, tossing flower pedals gracefully down the isle, and smiling at everyone like we practiced. 

Then i saw him, standing there smiling, and looking as sexy as ever.  He was all mine, and was going t obe forever.  all i had to do was walk down that isle.  The bridesmades and groomsmen filled in next, then it was all me. 

I headed down the aisle, tears forming in my eyes , overwhelmed as I saw how many people were there watcihng me ant that very moment and then I reached Liam. 

"You look....absolutley beautiful", he whipsered.  Then, the preist gave a long speech, read from the bibel and it was our turn now.

"Liam James Payne. do you take Claire Nicole Sutton to be your lawfully wedded wife and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and do you promise to be faithful to her until death parts you both?", he asked.

"I do", he said.

"And, Claire Nicole Sutton, do you take Liam James Payne to be your lawfully wedded husband and to this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for porrer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, and do you promise to be faithful to him until death parts you both?", he asked me.

"I do", I smiled bigger nad prettier than I ever have before.

"Congratulatons!  I now pronounce you husband and wife!", he procliamed.  "You may now kiss the bride!".

And Liam did just that, leaning down to my level and kissing me so sweetly.





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