Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


18. The phonecall

Liam and I were lumpy ing in bed cuddling, when my phone rang. It was Tiffany, and thinking nothing of it, I ignored the call silencing my phone.
Liam and I kissed for awhile, and began to fool around when my phone kept blinking.
15 missed calls from Tiffany, 3 texts from Demi. I punched Tiffany's number into my phone, and not even after the first rang she answered.
"HELLO?", she said sounding pan ached.
"No need to yell I'm here god",, I responded and Liam smiled a little, wrapping his arm around me.
"This is serious!", she responded nervously.
"What is it?", I asked.
"It's mom...", she said.
"Don't even get started stop right there Tiffany. I don't care,,,", I said.
"We'll that's shitty Claire....because", she started.
"Tiff, if you're switching sides now....", I said.
"No, Claire this isn't about sides it's and death", she said now concerned as well as nervous.
"WHAT?", I said.
"Ok ill tell you. But NO INTERRUPTING", she replied.
"Mom....she's in the hospital, the intensive care unit....they don't know what's wrong with her....can you come please? Claire I need you. We need you- your siblings", she responded her voice trembling.
"Yah, were leaving now. What hospital?", I asked feeling like a horrible person right now.
"The one where I had my bebe", she responded and I knew the whereabouts.
"Don't worry we'll be there real soon sis", I said hanging up and flooding with tears. Liam let me cry for five minutes, holding me tight and not saying a word. Then, he finally asked "what can I do to make you happy again?"
"Come with the hospital. He nodded, not questioning me. I couldn't move I just froze. Realizing this, Liam laid some clothes out for me. Not wanting to move, feeling hopeless, he undressed me from my pajamas, and dressed me into a pair of sweats and my favorite one of his hoodies with a tank top and bra of corse underneath it. He put on a pair of athletic pants and a Abercrombie shirt. We latterly shoved everything into our suitcases, and left without a single goodbye, just a note Liam wrote while trembling. We loaded the car, and both got in. Then, the tears started up again and I just broke down. Liam stopped the car, wrapping both arms around me as I crawled into his lap.
"'s ok", he said kissing my ear.
"No it's nor", I responded slightly pulling away.
"Not when your mom could be dying for all I know, and not when you've had a terrible relationship with her and you feel like.....if she dies shell die hating me....." I said crying really hard.
"No! Claire...we've got to get to the hospital now! I'm so sorry I wish there was something I could do...anything...", he responded. I returned to my seat, and Liam started up the car again, us rolling out of the driveway, only to awhile later rolling into the hospital parking lot.
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