Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


47. The party ;)

"Claire, time to GET UP!", Demi yelled hitting me in the head with a pillow. 

"Five more minutes!", I whined.

"No, NOW!", she demanded and I rolled over, to see Liam had already gotten out of bed.

"Uggghh", I groaned getting out of bed.

"Why do we have to wake up so early?", I whined.

"When has 11 oclock ever been considered early?", Demi asked me.

"Since....forever!  Now, why are you waking me up when
I could be getting osme beauty sleep? D, you dont understand.  My bed really needs me right now...", I tried explaining but it was no use.

"We're getting ready for the party, and you're bed can cry me a river.  Now, c'mon Perrie, Eleanor and I are waaaiting", she sang practicallly dragging me across the hall into the bathroom. 

I squinted my eyes as I saw the girls all doing differant things to get ready. 

For example, Perrie was doing her makeup, Eleanor was brushing her teeth, and Demi was yanking on my hair, telling me she was going to spiral-curl it. 

"Don't make me look like a prostitute, though", I comemented.

"Claire, you plan on wearing...i don't know...clothes to the party right?",Perrie asked putting on her eyeliner and staring in the mirror.

"Nooooooooooo Perrie", I responded, and I couldnt help but laugh. 


When Demi finally finished my hair, Eleanor did my makeup and Perrie helped me to decide what to wear.  We ended up deciding on my hot pink dress with black heels which I have been practicing walking in, by the way. 

The dress was a little lower in the front, so you could see some clevage, but not like my boobs were falling out or anything, and it was short but below my butt. 

Afterwards, I spritzed some perfume on myself, and then we all headed downstairs so we could eat and make sure everything was ready for the party. 

Sitting on the couch with Harry, I saw Abby, not the girl that just broke up with Harry, but the one before.  I rushed over and hugged her as did the other girls. 

"Wait, are you back together..or?", I asked. 

"Well, not exaxtly.  But Harry called me and invited me to come to this party, and so I agreed and I forgave him and I felt really bad about the way things ended, because yes I still love Harry", she said and I nodded.

"Well, I'm so glad t osee you two together make Harry so happy, claearly and you both deserve that, so", Demi said smiling.  Then, she helped us get things ready for the party.  When i saw Liam, he almost fainted.

"Whoa baby", was all he said.

When I leaned towards him, showing off as much clevage as possible just to make him trip, he blushed and I kissed him, standing on my tiptoes and he still had to lean down. 

"You look hot babe", he wispered.

 "Thanks baby! you look hot too", I responded looking at what he had on. 

Then, he took my hand and we headed into the living room.

"Hey Harry do you know when everybodys gonna be coming at?', he asked Harry.

Pulling out his smartphone, harry said "like half an hour. why?' he asked.

"I was um just wondering...", Liam stated looking at me. 

"And if you're asking me becuase you're wondering if you have enough time to bang Claire, i'd say wait because i'd make it last if i were you..", Harry said wispering so Abby couldn't hear him. 

Liam punched him in the arm.  "Harryyyyy!", he said. 

"And yes I do take my time thank you very much!", Liam whispered back and I felt my face getting hot.

The party started when Ed Sheran arrived, others flowing in afterwards. 

It was crazy wild here, and there were already over 100 people ,and the party just stasrted about thirty minutes ago! 

The music was blairing, and people were dancing and talking loudly.  I was making my way into the kitchen and pouring a glasss of wine when I heard someone yelling my nakme.   I turned around and saw that it was Liam.

"Heyy babe!", he said putting an arm around my waist.

"Hey!", I said sipping from my wine glass.

 "How are you?", he asked taking me outside on the porch. 

"Im good thanks!", I asked then he leaned down to kiss me. 

"Now im better", i said and he laughed.

"What about you?", I asked. 

"Tipsy, but im good", he said.  I laughed.

then, we headed back inside and I found Demi.  I talked to her for awhile, and then there was a knock on my shoulder.  I turned around, and saw it was Justin Bieber.

"JUSTIN!", I yelled hugging him tightly.

"Hey Claire!", he said.

"I missed you!", I said.

"I missed you too!", he said.

"Wanna drink?", he asked me.

 "Actually ,yeah.  I was just gonna get another glass of wine but...", I said and he cut me off taking the glass from my hand.

"What did you have?', he asked me.

"I dont know, the red one yeah,", I said as he poured me a glass, then grabbed himself a beer.

"So how have things been?", he asked me. 

"Great actually!", I said.  "What about you?", I responded.

"Pretty good, i've been crazy busy and everything but...", he started the his voice trailed off.  Next, we took some pictures cause we're losers, and went our seperate ways.

I caught up with Liam, Zayn and Perrie along with some others laughing and drinking.  I could tell Perrie was drunk, and Liam was pretty close to it.  I stayed around with them a bit longer, then when Liam was too drunk, i told him he should stop drinking.

'Im not even tipsy yet!", he said.

'Liam you were tipsy an hour ago! right now you're just too drunk!", I said. 

"No im fine god Claire can't I have a little fun?!", Liam said a little too harsly

"Liam seriously stop it!", he said.

"Hey um hand me another shot someone", Liam said.

"LIAM, you've had too much already! You need to stop!", I demanded.

"Claire, stop fucking nagging me! Im gonna be just fine.  Now..go", he said, yelling now.

"Fine, if that's what you really want", I said tears forming. 

Then, i ran outside slamming the door behind me.  I soon found Zayn rushing outside behind me.  I started to cry as he wrapped his arms around me.

'Zayn..why Is he treating me like this?  We never faught, and now it seams like we can't go a day without atleast arguing about something.

"I...I don't know what to say Claire.  All I can say is you know he's extremeley drunk right now, and when he is he doesn't listen to shit from anybody...", he said releasing me.

"I know, but...he's never swore at me before...or..or asked me to leave, it just confuses me", I said.

"Yah, that's horrible Claire.  But you know, i think he's in there how much you wanna bet he's crying..realizing how stupid he was for saying those things to you, because thst's just what everybody does.  Everybody says things they regret, but then you just have tot urn the page and move on, becuase there is more to the book than the page you are stuck on.  I think you two just need to work this out, and everything will be just fine", Zayn assured me kissing my cheek.

"Now, Claire you can do this...", he said.  As I headed inside, I couldn't find liam... I spotted louis, and he told me that he saw Liam run upstairs crying....

I headed up the stairs, not sure i wanted t oapologize just yet.

 "Hey don't cry!", I said when I headed in the room.  "I mean..i'm still mad but not mad enough to watch my fufture husband cry", I said heading towards him and closing the door, and locking it this time too, behind me.  His tears stopped, and he stood up. 

"Well, i'm sorry", he said standing up and facing me.

'Don't apologize, just show mw how sorry you are, lemme take control", I said pushing him up against the wall.  He hopelessly gave in as I began to kiss him. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist as our tounges danced in eachothers mouths.  Then, I whispered "i wanna be dirty tonight".  He nodded, and then i tore his shirt off.  Then, we moved onto the bed and i jumped ontop of Liam.  Then, he unzipped my dress as i continued to kiss him, then I undid the zipper to his jeans and the next thing i knew he was kissng my whole body and licking my breasts.  Then, he was ontop of me and i kissed him all over, then I was digging my fingernails into his back to try and fight the pain from the lower half of my body. Liam wasn't going slow or gentle like usual; maybe this is how it was when he was completeley drunk..The next morning when I woke up, I was in so much pain. I snuggled Liam, and then when I tried to walk, it was helpless.

"Whats the matter love?", he asked me.

"Liam..I cant walk", I said.

"Shit! I hurt you that much?", he asked.

"No its fine, it just really hurts", I said and he frowned.

I waddled over to the bathroom, and stared at myself in the mirror.  I looked like a stranger.  My makeup was eveywhere, my hair went in every direction, and i had several "love bites", or hickeys, as I call them on my neck, and a few even on my chest. 

I turned the shower on high, lettting the hot water burn my skin.  As I started shampooing my hair, I felt the glass sohwer door open, and felt Liam behind me.  After I rinsed the shampoo off my hair, I turned and saw him, his hair a complete mess and my lipstic smeared all over his body, as well as the few hickeys he had on his kneck.

"Claire..It looks like i really hurt you last night, im sorry, I just couldn't hold back!", he said.

"No its okay, i'm gonna be fine!", I said finishing my shower.  Then, Liam showered off and we both exited, getting dressed, me struggiling ot even open my legs. 













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