Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


22. The news?

"Well with the results we've gathered, we assume we have an estimated timespand", the doctor started to explain.
"A timespan?", Tiffany asked sounding completely confused.
"Yes ma'am for how much time your mother has left..., we've come to the conclusion that she has 6 months, more or less which actually, believe it or not is considerably well. Most patients receive diagnosed the same thing they only have about a month or two maybe three maybe four but usually never six. You see with your mother it seems her body is starting to fight off some of the cancer, but there is no way it can ever repair itself....", the doctor explained
The look on our faces all went blank, not knowing how to respond. Again feeling hopeless and lost but there's nothing any of us can do. You know, maybe I can understand my mother and be the best damn daughter shell ever have....just maybe. Everyone cried, including Liam, but me. I just stood there being strong and realizing it could've been much worse.

My phone rang for about the hundredth time, and I finally answered it.
"Claire, what the hell happened? Why weren't you responding to me at all? I was terribly worried.
"S..sorry Demi. I'm just at the hospital,and I'm having a really hard time...I didn't want to make a big fuss or for everyone to worry", I explained.
"Fuck! Claire are you hurt? What happened?! What hospital? Who's hurt?!
"D calm down. I'm perfectly fine just mom she's not doing well. She.....has cancer and she's only got a few months left....", I explained biting my lip so I wouldn't start crying again.
"Ohmigod Claire that's terrible! I wish there was something i could do...", she said.
"Oh Demi the doctor told us she's just woken up now...ill call you back soon", I said.
"Don't worry about it. Ill be here when you need me!", she responded and the call was dropped.

A few hours later, I was called to the lobby for something? Liam and daisy came with me, Daisys eyes red and puffy from crying since yesterday. NOTHING and I mean nothing would cheer her up. Her and mom had this close bond none of us ever had, and I always envied that.

When we exite the elevator, we were greeted by Demi, Niall Perrie Zayn Harry Louis Eleanor and baby Susan. Instantly, Demi darted for me and hugged me tight.
"I'll always be here for you no matter what we all will", Demi whispered as she hugged me. I glanced over her sholder, and saw that Daisy had actually stopped crying when Harry scooped her up in his arms.
Everyone hugged me tight, saying sweet things to me, plus they brought lunch. They carefully wet into the ICU, and as sweet as they are, after eating lunch went around to the sick children and greeting them, the boys even singing to them with Perrie and Demi, making the patients days.
Then, we were allowed to visit my mom. Traditionally they only let her out for the five people into the room at once but now they let us all go together.
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