Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


59. The gender


Tomorrow, we are going in to see the gender of our baby!  I'm just 18 weeks pregnant, and i'm starting to show a bit.  We finaslly made this public a few weeks ago after everyone thought iwas just gainig weight.

"You know Claireyy, we should think of names....", he said.

"OK, well I have an idea for a girl", I said.

"Reallly? What is it?", he said.

"Riley, i've been wanting to name my first-born daughter that since i was 12", I said and he smiled..

'Thats adorablee! But, we don't know if its gonna vbe a girl until tomorrow, so I think we should think of a boy name too", Liam said.

"Oh really?  Like what?", I asked him.

 "I like the name Taylor...well for a girl, but boy, I like James...", he said and I smiled. 

"Yah, those are both cute names", I said as he rubbed my baby bump.

"I think baby Payne likes them too", he said and I smiled then he kissed my belly. 

"Hey, its dadyy and I love you and your mommy with all of my heart.  you're my whole world", he said and a tear fell down my cheek.  That was sooo sweet (,:



"Ok momma, you ready to go?", he asked me in the morning. 

"Yes babe I am", I said.  He took my hand, and we got into the car. 


"Mr and Mrs Payne? Right this way!", the nurse said and we followed her, holding hands. 


After  I got on the table and she put the goo stuff on me, we found out. 

"Wow, so you'd like to know right?", she asked. 

'Yes!", we both said in agreement. 

"Congrats!  It's a girl!", she said. 

"Hello baby Riley!", he said touching my stomach as the jell stuff was off. 

After the oppointment, I called Demi. 

"It's a girl!", I said. 

"Oh really?  I'm having twins", Demi said. 

"Shutttuup!",I said. 

"Yah, one boy and one girl!", I said. 

'And El's having a boy....this is exciting!", I said.  

"Yes it is!", I said.

"No wonder why you were huge, and I was tiny still....", I said and she laughed. 

"Right?", she said. 


After I was done talking to her, Liam asked me "What are you hungry for, babe?", he asked me. 

"I honestly,,,,I'm only hungry for ice cream!", I said and he smiled. 

"Ok, sounds good to me too!", he said and a few minutes later we pulled inot an ice cream parlor, eating ice cream and continuing our drive home. 


When we got home, Liam and i kissed for a long time then we sat and talked for a few hours. "I'm going shopping with El and Dem tomorrow for baby stuff", I said. "Really? Sounds like fun", he told me and i smiled, kissing him. "Yes it does!", I said.
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