Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


27. Surprise ;)

*4 months later*
I'm on the plane right now, with Perrie, Demi, Rachel, Eleanor and Susan, on a mission to surprise the boys right before christmas. I was so excited because i knew, in a few short hours, I would get to see Liam well and the other Boys too.
"Demi, I can't wait!!!", I said squeezing her hand.
"Me either! I miss Niall too much!", she said.
We talked the rest of the flight with Perrie who was sitting on the other side of me.
"You know, ever since Jade started dating Ryan she's been swoon. Really, and out of my hair too.", she said.
"Yah m happy for them. Now Ryan doesn't have to secretly like me anymore", I responded and she smiled.
"How's the baby treating you?", Demi asked.
"This thing? Barely know he's here", she said.
"It's a boy?", I said,
"Yea! I found out yesterday!!! Just don't tell my Zayn I wanna tell him", she said runbng her stomac.
"We won't Hun", I said and she nodded.
Then, the plane landed and we met Lou Teasdale.
"Ok, so um the boys are at an interview for about another hour, but otherwise here's the bus, and there's the key. Enjoy ladies", she said after driving us around town.
We unlocked the door, and looked around.
"Ok, just saying Harry and Louis are slobs...", Perrie said moving a pair of Harry's pants off the couch.
"Haha and Liam and Zayn's things are just neatly folded in little piles...and we'll niall cleans up his foooood", Demi explained.
"Yes, that's funny. We turned on the tv, and started to watch when we heard the key turn the lock from outside, Eleanor holding Susan in her lap. As Louis pushed the door open, Susan bolted for him.
"Daddy!", she yelled. He didn't know how to react, then scooped her up.
"Your first word! Wait, how did you get here?", he asked.
"Mommy", she said next.
Then, Eleanor stood up running towards the door.
Liam, shoving Harry ran over to me.."CLAIRE!", he litterly yelled.
"Hey babe", I said hugging him tightly and kissing him over and over again.
"Those two already need a room....", Harry said cheekily.
"Later", I mouthed to him and he mouthed back "now".
Finally we let go, and I was so happy to finally see him again. Everybody just looked so happy.
"Zayn, it's a boy! We're gonna have a son!", Perrie explained Zayn looking overjoyed.
"I can't believe it! Babe that's amazing", he said kissing her. He then put one hand on her belly.
"Hey little buddy, it's daddy and I love you with all of my heart, well you and mommy", he said and Perrie looked really happy, and.....relaxed.

That night, Liam and I made love for a long time. And, we were both clearly desperately craving love from eachother after four months of being apart.

"I love you Claire", he whispered holding me close to him. "Goodnight", he said still breathing heavily.
"I love you too. Goodnight", I said.

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