Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


6. Sit down awhile...

"Babes we need to tell you something", Niall said hesitantly. Demi and I sat down on the couch, Liam and Niall remaining standing.
"What is it?", Demi said.
"Well, we want you to know that we will always love you. And we never want anything to hurt you", Liam said. Demi and I nodded. This is only the millionth time he's told me this before.
"And you are just both beautiful, and nothing could ever make us change our minds", Niall said. The boys sat down next to us, and Liam pulled me into his lap.
"You know, the media has been saying some bloody nasty things about you two lately....", Liam started really quietly.
"Saying things don't deserve to date me, or other horrible things", Liam said directed at me.
"I know. They were also saying how ugly and fat I am and stuff", I said sounding a little sad, just a tad.
"I know, yet you are the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world and theyres no one else I'd rather be with. If anything, I don't deserve you", Liam said holding me close.
Niall talked to Demi for awhile, and then they told us the surprise.

The surprise
"Babes meet us in the car", Liam said tossing me the keys. Demi and I got into Liam's car, and sat down.
"I wonder where were going", I said smiling as I saw Liam and Niall come running out of the car.
"With theses two, ya never know", Demi said and I nodded in agreement.
Liam opened the drivers side door, and Niall opened the one behind him.
"Where are we going?", I asked smiling as Liam took my hand.
"You really wanna know?", Niall asked
"Yes!" Demi and I said in sync.
"Well too bad were not going to tell you", Niall responded.
"Yes we will", Liam said smirking. We're going to the holiday house in London for a couple of weeks", Liam responded.
"And the boys and their girls are coming too", Niall added smiling cheekily.
"Wow I can hardly wait sounds so much fun!", I said.
"Awwww you guys" Demi said leaning into Niall's shoulder.

3 days later------

"Hey Claire, it's me Lou", lou Teasdale said on the phone.
"Hello hello how are you?", I replied in a cheerful mood.
"Great. So I heard you all are in London...", she responded.
"Yes yes we are. Its extremely lovely", I responded.
"I say. Can I ask you guys a favor?", she asked sounding desperate.
"Yes of corse you can. What is it?", I asked.
"Well I need someone to watch my little Lux for me, just until tomorrow morning anyways. And it's really last minute", Lou said.
"We'd love to. What time?", I asked.
"1?", she replied.
"Yes ok. The only problem is I have a hair appointment until 3, but she can hang out with everyone else until I get back, but otherwise bring her over!", I replied feeling happy to see Lux again.
"Great, well we'll be here soon I can't thank you guys enough you saved me", Teasdale said.
"Ok, we'll bye", I said ending the call.
"Alright guys here's what's up.", I said to Liam Niall Harry Zayn Louis Eleanor Perri Demi and Baby Susie.
"I have to leave and go to my hair appointment, but Lou is bringing Lux over because we have to watch her overnight. I'll be back about 3ish", I said to them all.
"Ok sounds good", Perrie said smiling at me.
"My Lux is coming over?", Harry said.
"No shit Harry. That's what she just said", Louis told Harry.
"Hey watch it, your daughters in here", Eleanor said cradling Suzy in her arms.
"Ok, we'll I've got to go", I said. I hugged everyone, and Liam gave me a kiss. Demi asked "can I tag along?".
"Yeah Dem, lets go", I said heading to my car with her behind me.

When my hair was just finishing up, I got a call from...Harry. I answered it to hear Harry's raspy British voice on the other end.
"Hello love".
"Um hey Harry", I said.
"We've got a prob here. Lux won't talk to any of us, The only thing we got her to say is Where's Claire?. She's pouting, she won't even wear my beanie like she always does", Harry added.
"Oh Lux....", I said. "We'll be there soon almost done. Be sure to tell lil Lux that ok Hazza?, I asked.
"Yup. Kay bye babe", Harry said and I hung up.

We headed back to the holiday house then. My hair, I got it dip died pink, only on the ends, and side bangs, and a trim for the length, with the exception of I got layers.

When we opened the door, Lux raaaan I mean raaaaaaaaaaaan to me. She hugged my knees so tightly It cut off the circulation well almost.
I picked her up, and she said "Claire, where were you?".
"I was getting my hair done my sweet Lux", I said setting her down.
"Sure now she talks", Zayn said in a whiney tone.
Liam hugged me tight, and kissed me. "Damn your beautiful", he whispered in my ear. I blushed. "Like my hair?", I said flicking it over to one of my shoulders.
"I love it Claire", he said kissing me again.
"Ohmigod Claire your hair!", Perrie said squealing.

For the rest of the night, lux wouldn't leave my side once. Finally, Harry took over.

"What movie?", Eleanor said as I was sitting on the couch holding her little angel.
"I don't care", I responded.
Louis then walked into the room.
"What is it with you and kids? They all seam to like you", he said.
"I don't know", I responded smiling at him.
"I've never seen Susan stay this quiet ever", Louis added.
"Do you think she's ready for bed?", Eleanor asked.
"I'll take care of it", Louis said gently scooping his baby girl from my arms.
"Is daddy's little princess ready for bedtime?", he asked. Susan kicked her legs and babbled happily. He headed out of the room, and Liam entered sitting down next to me.

"I vote for toy story", Liam said sitting down on the couch next to me and draping an arm around me.

"Of corse you do", I added.
Then, Harry and Lux crept in the room.
"What are you two doing?", Liam asked keeping himself from laughing.
"We're playing ninjas and ninjas are quiet", Lux said whispering.
"And ninjas also go to bed now", Zayn said entering the room.
"Only if Claire and Harry tuck me in", Lux protested crossing her small arms.
"And Liam, And Zayn read me a story, and Niall brings me a snack, and and....". Lux started.
"Ok well we're all coming to tuck you in", I said with everyone following me to the room Lux would be sleeping in.
"No story tonight though because its waay past your bedtime", Liam said tickling her toes.
"Awwwwh", she whined.
Niall came in a second later with a cookie, and handed it to little Lux.
"Here's your snack little monster", he said kissing her cheek.
We all tucked Lux in, watched 'Love Actually' (Harry debated it was his turn to pick the movie).

Then, Liam carried me up to the room we used, and I almost instantly fell asleep.

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