Meant to Be

Liam and Claire's romance continues on in the sequel to "Bear This Mind". But, in the future their relationship isn't going easy like it has been. Liam and Claire have many problems and obsticles they will have to overcome. Can they stick it out, or are they 'meant to be' apart?


49. Preparing for tour and the wedding

Soon, actually two days after we returned home, we started to prepare for tour.  I spent long hours in the recording studio with Simon, trying out some new songs and finally we found what my first single would be.  It was called "Heartbreaker", and it was extremely catchy. 

Along with that, though came alot of prep: vocal lessons and training two days a week, recording other things three days a week, and choreography four times a week.  Also, I had to build up a larger fanbase, and eat extremely healthy and run once a week.  It was a lot to take on, but was definently worth it when the single was released, along with the music video too. 

On the other hand, we had some things to do for the wedding too, like invitations, guest list, where we were having the wedding ,the kinds of  foods we were serving, and lastly my favorite: wedding dress shopping! 


((Wedding Dress Shopping Day))

Today, I invited all of the bridesmaides, plus the flower girl to come with me to pick out a wedding dress. 
Unfortenently, Liam's sisters couldn't make it but everyone else could. 


'Hello!  My name is Lynn and I will be helping you today, so Miss Claire, soon to be Mrs. Payne, did you have any specific styles in mind?", she asked me.

"Well, I was thinking definently strappless, and maybe glitter or sparkes?  Also, nothing super tight, I want it to be loose and comfortable, and kinda princessy", I said sounding a bit ridiculous but hey, I was allowed to as the bride. 

"Ok, sounds do-able", she said grinnig as we saw the endless racks of dresses. 

"Strapples would be over in this direction", she said leading us to an area in the back. 

"So, im guesssing you would need petite, too?", she asked.

"Yes most likely, Claire's a shortie", Perrie said smiilng at me.

'Ok, so there's these four we can start with?", she asked.

"Ok sounds great!", I responded heading over to the dressing room.

Demi voluntered to help me get the dresses on, and being the idiot that i am, I didn't know you were supposed to put wedding dresses on over your head......  The first dress I tried on was really itchy.  Moving onto number two...well that made me look like an old lady, according to Demi. 

Then, number three was absolutley gorgeous! :) It was strappless, tighter on top, and it kinda poofed out at the waist with glitter on it. I knew this was the dress! 

"Oh my god Claire!  Liam's gonna faint by how beautiful you look in that..that dress!", Eleanor said. 

"I guess this is the one!", I said then changing into my regular clothes.  Next, I insisted on trying on a tiara, and I admit i decided on getting one over a veil.  Next, we looked at thousands of pairs of shoes, and I got a pair of elegent heels that almost looked like Cinderella shoes. 

Afterwards, we got ice cream!  Guess what?  I didnt even have to pay, Demi did cause she's the best. 

We were almost done preparing for the wedding ,which was just a few short months away. 


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